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guinea pig

Someone or something used as the subject of an experiment. Jane used her husband as a guinea pig to try her new baked chicken recipe. Craig earned a little extra money by signing up to be a guinea pig in some local clinical studies.
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serve as a/(one's) guinea pig

To act or function as the object of a test, experiment, or assessment. We'll have a limited release the product and let this region serve as a guinea pig. If it is received well, we can expand production and distribution to the rest of the county. A: "I have a wild new dish I'd like you to try!" B: "No way! I have no interest in serving as your guinea pig again."
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Serve as a guinea pig

Fig. [for someone] to be experimented on; to allow some sort of test to be performed on one. (Alludes to the use of guinea pigs for biological experiments.) Try it on someone else! I don't want to serve as a guinea pig! Jane agreed to serve as a guinea pig. She'll be the one to try out the new flavor of ice cream.
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a guinea pig

COMMON If someone is used as a guinea pig, new ideas, methods, or medical treatments are tested on them. The new technology should allow us to study genetic disease without having to use humans as guinea pigs. This is the first time I've cooked this dish so you are my guinea pigs.
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a ˈguinea pig

a person used in medical or other experiments: Students in fifty schools are to act as guinea pigs for these new teaching methods.
A guinea pig is a small animal with short ears and no tail, often kept as a pet or used for laboratory research.
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Also in the money for the Jones family was Hafodesgob Hari 16th, born the same month, which sold for 9,000 guineas to LR Williams & Co, of Tyddyn Bach, Dolgellau.
The guineas are free-ranging, which they must be to do their job, and even our neighbors nearby have commented that they do not see ticks as often as several years ago.
Common helmeted guineas, Numida meleagris, are recognized widely in folk history for their effectiveness in reducing populations of ticks and other insects.
Prices included 4,800 guineas for a Blue Faced Leicester ram lamb, 4,200 guineas for a Charollais shearling, 2,700 guineas for a Lleyn shearling and 2,700 for a Border Leicester shearling.
In reference to the Q&A item on the value of the guinea (May 2006), and subsequent correspondence, when the coin was first issued by the Royal Mint in 1663, it was indeed worth 20 shillings.
The researchers wanted to see if the guineas would significantly decrease the numbers of adult ticks in an area.
Other front runners at the sale on September 24, included: a Welsh Mountain shearling, that sold for 5,000 guineas, another from the same batch of Welsh Mountains that sold for 4,500 guineas, a Texel that sold for 3,900 guineas and a Charollais that sold for 3,800 guineas.
Now back to full health, Lester is raring to go: "I'm really looking forward to Saturday, September 22, reliving my Guineas victories".
It was a great boost for Cefin, a builder and part time farmer from Llanfair Caereinion as it follows his achievement earlier in the month when he had 4,000 guineas for the highest priced Texel at the Welsh National sale.
Duffy says guineas can be most effective against ticks as part of an integrated pest management program that includes regular removal of leaf litter, which is a tick's favorite home.
Gardening with Guineas is a brief but comprehensive and detailed handbook on these interesting and useful but under-appreciated birds by a writer who knows and loves them.
The champion Texel, a shearling jointly owned by Cefin Pryce and Gwyndaf Watkins, sold for 6,200 guineas.
ISLAND SANDS can confirm that there was no fluke about his success in the 2,000 Guineas at Newmarket by taking the Entenmann's-sponsored Irish equivalent (3.