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guinea pig

Someone or something used as the subject of an experiment. Jane used her husband as a guinea pig to try her new baked chicken recipe. Craig earned a little extra money by signing up to be a guinea pig in some local clinical studies.
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serve as a/(one's) guinea pig

To act or function as the object of a test, experiment, or assessment. We'll have a limited release the product and let this region serve as a guinea pig. If it is received well, we can expand production and distribution to the rest of the county. A: "I have a wild new dish I'd like you to try!" B: "No way! I have no interest in serving as your guinea pig again."
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Serve as a guinea pig

Fig. [for someone] to be experimented on; to allow some sort of test to be performed on one. (Alludes to the use of guinea pigs for biological experiments.) Try it on someone else! I don't want to serve as a guinea pig! Jane agreed to serve as a guinea pig. She'll be the one to try out the new flavor of ice cream.
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a guinea pig

COMMON If someone is used as a guinea pig, new ideas, methods, or medical treatments are tested on them. The new technology should allow us to study genetic disease without having to use humans as guinea pigs. This is the first time I've cooked this dish so you are my guinea pigs.
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a ˈguinea pig

a person used in medical or other experiments: Students in fifty schools are to act as guinea pigs for these new teaching methods.
A guinea pig is a small animal with short ears and no tail, often kept as a pet or used for laboratory research.
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But how can the long-term best interests of separated refugee children in Guinean foster care be determined?
In the Guinean culture, as is typically the case in Africa, family is a very extended and important notion.
Despite these delays in international aid, the prevalence of acute malnutrition in both Liberian refugees and local Guineans is similar to rates reported for African populations in noncrisis situations (3).
Moreover, the Guinean minister commended the openness policy adopted by Tunisia towards African states, particularly those of sub-Saharan Africa.
Shoukry praised Kamara's visit as it comes two months after Guinean President Alpha Conde's visit to Egypt in May and Egypt's President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi's orders to follow the implementation of the Egyptian-Guinean agreements--including a direct aviation line between Egypt and Guinea and the visit of the Guinean delegation to the site of the Renaissance Dam in Ethiopia, the statement read.
Moreover, the project aligns with the West African Power Pool (WAPP) programme that aims to provide electricity supply and facilitate cross-border power exchange, said senior officials at the official cornerstone-laying ceremony of Guinea's National Dispatch Centre held in the presence of Guinean President Alpha Conde and Prime Minister Mamady Youla.
The possibility that Papua New Guinean nationalism has its roots in the critical juncture of the Pacific War is intriguing.
The Papua New Guinean second-rower joins a side who are without Matty Marsh for the Craven Park clash.
TEHRAN (FNA)- Iran's First Vice-President Eshaq Jahangiri, in a message on Wednesday, extended his congratulations to Guinean Prime Minister Mohammed Saeed Fofana on the country's National Day.
CONAKRY, Guinea -- The prime minister of Guinea says seven bodies have been found in rural Guinea after a group of local residents attacked Guinean health workers carrying out Ebola awareness efforts in a rural area.
Summary: The Republic of Guinea is reaching out to Moroccan investors for a win-win strategic partnership, Guinean Prime minister Mohamed Said Fofana said Tuesday in Casablanca.
President of Guinea Alpha Conde praised the assistance provided by the foundation to the Guinean people during an official ceremony in Conakry.
In 2008 and 2010, Aboubacar Diakite, a Guinean citizen, applied for international protection in Belgium arguing that he had been a victim of acts of violence in Guinea following his participation in protest movements against the ruling regime.
Among the areas with a particularly high potential were the upper Guinean rainforests of West Africa, and the lower Guinean rainforests, which are situated on the coast of Nigeria and Cameroon.
Syrian star Jamal Suliman was gossiped to have been held up at the Cairo Airport upon his return from a trip due to the fact that he was using an expired Guinean passport.