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Greybar Hotel

slang Prison. If you keep getting into trouble like this, you're going to end up in the Greybar Hotel.
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Graybar Hotel

and Graystone College
n. a jail; a prison. The two cops had to spend two years in Graybar Hotel with some of the inmates they had caught over the past few years. How long were you at the old Graystone College?
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"Graybar's convenient location and abundant neighborhood amenities appeal to tenants resulting in building occupancy which is consistently 95% or greater."
When he arrived at Graybar a decade ago, Geekie said he initially did pare down the amount of outside counsel used.
"The Graybar Hotel" details Dawkins' life behind bars, and has subsequently led him to earn praise from ( The New York Times , among many others. 
"We are delighted that NY Life has opted to expand at the Graybar Building," says Steven Durels, EVP, director of leasing and real property for SL Green.
BOSS Controls LLC, a leading Internet of Things (IoT) energy management and controls company, said it has partnered with Graybar Financial Services finance energy efficiency solutions to contractors and end use customers.
As a subsidiary of Graybar, the company will continue to operate under the Advantage Industrial Automation name with the same employees, leadership team and suppliers.
They got the definite impression she had nowhere else to go--at least nowhere with the same benefits as a stay in the GrayBar Hotel.
Games, Fisher Science Education, Graybar, HD Supply, Hayworth, Hertz Equipment Rental, Independent Stationers, Insight Public Sector, Knoll, Tech Depot and Zep.
NYC Office Suites operates office business centers, otherwise known as executive suites, at three New York landmarks: the Graybar Building at 420 Lexington Avenue; the Commerce Building at 708 Third Avenue; and 1350 Avenue of the Americas.
Pro-Tech has concluded the project utilizing the services of Graybar, a St.
He worked as an industrial electrical salesman, most recently for Keystone Electric, Graybar Electric and Standard Electric.
Just about any wholesaler, like Graybar, that sells anchoring products for the electrical or communications industry will have them.
Los principales objetivos para el mayorista durante 2009 seran concluir con el proceso de integracion de Graybar bajo el nombre de Luguer, asi como consolidar su posicion en el mercado como especialista en el segmento de cableado estructurado y conectividad, enfocado a los integradores de sistemas, con una oferta integral con soluciones adicionales a la infraestructura.
For mental health professionals and students, O'Donohue and Graybar (U.