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close enough for government work

Good enough; OK; only satisfactory. The phrase implies that government work is usually of mediocre quality. When my project ripped in half as I walked out the door, my mom glued it back together and sent me on my way, saying, "It's close enough for government work!"

close enough for government work

 and good enough for government work
sufficiently close; done just well enough. (Alludes to the notion that work for the government is not done with care or pride.) I didn't do the best job of mending your shirt, but it's close enough for government work.

Kings have long arms.

 and Governments have long arms.
Prov. Those who are in power can always catch and punish people who have opposed them, no matter how far away those opponents may go. After his attempt to assassinate the king, the prince sailed to a distant country, although his wife warned him it would be to no avail. "Kings have long arms," she reminded him.
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Many homeland security grants to local and state governments amount to pork- barrel spending, James Jay Carafano writes in an editorial in the Washington Times.
It would increase efficiency for the provincial and federal governments as well as corporate taxpayers by eliminating red tape.
A cooperative is a collaborative organization that provides records and information services to two or more taxing entities of local government. The fundamental methodology is "shared services." It is apropos to think of a cooperative as a support service "of, by, and for" local governments.
Instead of implementing Freedom Charter policies, the ANC made what liberal South African journalist Allister Sparks called "the great U-turn." Even before the ANC took power in the 1994 elections, the liberation movement was convinced that nationalization would alienate western governments and investors as well as international lending institutions.
34, Basic Financial Statements--and Management's Discussion and Analysis--for State and Local Governments, compounds the materiality issues for preparers and auditors of state and local government financial statements.
This issue is about buildings made by governments, both national and local, to serve the needs of citizens--the people who pay for the results.
The creation of the FirstGov federal Web portal represents a dramatic new way of doing business for government. The portal itself represents a major change in how the government will interact with its customers--citizens, businesses, and other governments.
Bernard Rubin, author of Media, Politics and Democracy (Oxford University Press, 1977), maintains that governments have a responsibility for "advertising" themselves--conducting a reporting program that attempts to describe the government's role, function, programs and policies.
The amount of money available to Central European governments some 16 years after the fall of communism continues to astonish.
Up until a few years ago, governments at all levels paid about half the program costs of voluntary social service organizations.
By contrast, our unified governments have gone on fiscal benders.
The most common such benefit is health care insurance, and some governments also provide life insurance, long-term care and dental insurance for retirees.
The POW story was instructive on several levels, not least of which was that even democratic governments are capable of doing just about anything.
The work of gaining support from state and local governments now requires creative sales tactics.
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