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out of (one's) gourd

slang Crazy. After yet another sleepless night, I'm starting to feel like I'm out of my gourd. He's out of his gourd if he thinks this plan is going to work!
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off (one's) gourd

slang Crazy. After yet another sleepless night, I'm starting to feel like I'm off my gourd. He's off his gourd if he thinks this plan is going to work!
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bushel and a peck (and some in a gourd)

A lot. This phrase is typically used to emphasize how much one loves someone else. My darling wife, I love you a bushel and a peck.
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out of your gourd

1 out of your mind; crazy. 2 under the influence of alcohol or drugs. North American informal
1 1988 Jay McInerney The Story of My Life After ten minutes I'm bored out of my gourd.
2 1993 Stephen King Gerald's Game I was ‘on medication’ (this is the technical hospital term for ‘stoned out of one's gourd’).
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n. the head. I raised up and got a nasty blow on the gourd.

stoned out of one’s head

and stoned out of one’s gourd
mod. under the effects of marijuana. Tiffany was stoned out of her head and started giggling. That stuff makes me stoned out of my gourd.
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stoned out of one’s gourd

See also: gourd, of, out, stoned
References in classic literature ?
With great difficulty, and by the promise of a present of a good hunting-knife each, I succeeded in persuading three wretched natives from the village to come with us for the first stage, twenty miles, and to carry a large gourd holding a gallon of water apiece.
We carried water only for ourselves, and we often mocked the young water-carriers when they were called away from play to fill the gourds.
For that matter, the one big invention of the horde, during the time I lived with it, was the use of gourds.
In no time all the women were carrying berries and nuts and roots in the gourds.
Once I found a broken gourd which happened to lie right side up and which had been filled with the rain.
Then he took the gourd again, and came forward, holding it in one hand; in the other he carried a short stick.
The lacquey laughed, unsheathed his gourd, unwalletted his scraps, and taking out a small loaf of bread he and Sancho seated themselves on the green grass, and in peace and good fellowship finished off the contents of the alforjas down to the bottom, so resolutely that they licked the wrapper of the letters, merely because it smelt of cheese.
A piece of bread was brought, and Jacopo offered him the gourd.
Dantes glanced that way as he lifted the gourd to his mouth; then paused with hand in mid-air.
The wild gourd would grow where they had worshipped their God, and the sooner they saved themselves the better.
She took the gourd in one hand, and rather than cause the giver pain raised it to her lips, though for the life of her she could scarce restrain the qualm of nausea that surged through her as the malodorous thing approached her nostrils.
It was Anderssen who came to her rescue, and taking the gourd from her, drank a portion himself, and then returned it to the native with a gift of blue beads.
A lowly healer tries to empower the oppressed while fostering harmony in a Caribbean world where social issues and culture clash in Broken Gourds.
I was excited to see the article on gourds in the May 2004 issue, having just finished a gourd project with an after-school class.
Since martin families like to nest in groups, people sometimes hang several gourds near one another or put up a martin house with dozens of "apartments.