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800-pound gorilla

A person, group, or organization so powerful (either by size or by influence) that it does not need to heed the rules or threats of others. It refers to the riddle "Where does an 800-pound gorilla sit?" (Answer: "Wherever it likes.") Primarily heard in US. Don't mess with that guy; he's like an 800-pound gorilla! These big corporations act like 800-pound gorillas, making up the rules to suit themselves.
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gorilla biscuits

and gorilla pills
n. amphetamines. (Drugs.) Stay away from gorilla biscuits. He’s high on gorilla pills.
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gorilla pills

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gorilla juice

n. steroids. (Bodybuilding. Steroids build muscle tissue rapidly.) Do all those muscle-bound creatures take gorilla juice?
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Last year a single giant gorilla sculpture made from 20,000 spoons caused a sensation on the Llangollen Eisteddfod field.
Kamina has learned all of the behaviors she needs to know in order to be successful in a gorilla group,'' Ron Evans, primates curator, said in a statement.
Alphaherpesvirus exposure in wild gorillas in this region has been reported ( 10), but to our knowledge, human 11SV infection in wildborn captive gorillas has not been detected with molecular techniques.
The project partners would like to thank the Taipei Representative Office and the Taiwan Forestry Bureau for their continued support and commitment to Cross River gorilla conservation.
At the local level, hunting of gorillas to fuel the region's bushmeat trade and the continuing erosion of habitat connectivity remain the greatest obstacles to conservation.
This new facility provides a critical opportunity for us to help many more young gorillas that have been victimized by poaching, armed conflict, or habitat destruction, and also to strengthen our partnership with the people who are the true stewards of the land and the animals," declares Clare Richardson, Fossey Fund president and CEO.
The western lowland gorilla was born to mother Mjukuu, 12, on Tuesday.
This week I was stopped in my tracks by the curious case of the Bristol gorillas.
STAFF at Bristol Zoo are celebrating the arrival of a baby gorilla - one of a critically-endangered species.
Tony said: "I want to take pictures of all the gorillas to show to the kids, as well as equipment and books.
Recent statistics show that the population of Uganda's mountain gorillas has grown to 400, from 302 in 2006.
Little Gorilla spotted a bush with thinner branches.
Most don't know the family history Aspinall has with the gorillas and if it were just any child with a gorilla, the animal could quite possibly react "unpredictably.
The Fossey Fund also collaborates with other international organizations to promote research and provide educational programs on gorillas.
The family of Gorillas falls into one of two specific species: the Eastern or "Mountain Gorilla," and the Western Lowland Gorilla.