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But do you know why Gordon Bennett is famous as an exclamation?
Organisers of the Gordon Bennett Gas Balloon Race said the Italian and Croatian authorities were looking for Richard Abruzzo and Carol Rymer Davis and would resume at first light.
The Gordon Bennett Cup, held every year in Europe or the United States, invites the best three teams from several different countries to compete.
She worked as a registered radiology technician for many years, was office manager for Gordon Bennett Orthodontics of Marlborough for over 20 years and Marlborough Orthopaedics for 10 years.
SOME more replies about the origin of the phrase Gordon Bennett have been making their way to me this week.
Not least among these are the significant and provocative contributions by Aboriginal artists, notably Vernon Ah Kee, Richard Bell, and Gordon Bennett, whose presence lends validity and gravitas to attempts by the likes of Sam Durant, Michael Rakowitz, and 16 Beaver's Rene Gabri and Ayreen Anastas to come to terms with Australian race relations.
James Ramsbotham, Paul Callaghan, Mick Brodie, Ian Young, and Gordon Bennett are among the prominent business people the North East who have been recruited to this important new position.
Following World War I the Navy participated in the popular James Gordon Bennett International Balloon Races while establishing a rigid airship program with the construction of ZR-1 (Lighter-than-Air, Rigid, #1), christened the USS Shenandoah in 1923.
Major General Gordon Bennett does not escape severe criticism.
The documents contradict the claims of James Gordon Bennett, publisher of the New York Herald, of having founded AP in 1848.
In this accessibly written account, Vaeth describes the history of the annual James Gordon Bennett International Balloon Race, in which U.
James Gordon Bennett, owner of the New York Herald, was the promoter and financial backer of the trip.
The Division's commander, Major-General Gordon Bennett, was, contrary to Wilkinson's assertion, employed again.
publisher James Gordon Bennett established a trophy for long-distance ballooning in 1906, sportsmen have striven to fly the farthest, eventually setting their sights on a round-the-world flight.