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be (as) green as a gooseberry

To be very young, immature, and/or inexperienced. Are you sure he's fit to run your campaign? He's just out of college and still as green as a gooseberry!
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green as a gooseberry

Very young, immature, and/or inexperienced. Are you sure he's fit to run your campaign? He's just out of college and still as green as a gooseberry!
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play gooseberry

To spend time with two people who are in a romantic relationship and cause an awkward tension as a result. As John and Betty started cuddling up in the cinema, I wished I had just gone home instead of playing gooseberry.
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play gooseberry

If you play gooseberry, you are in the company of two people who are having a romantic relationship and who want to be alone together. I left early — I didn't want to play gooseberry with you and Bev. Note: The origin of this expression is not known, although it may refer to the third person picking gooseberries to pass the time while the other two are busy being romantic.
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play gooseberry

be a third person who stays in the company of two people, especially lovers, who would prefer to be on their own.
Gooseberry is short for the earlier gooseberry-picker , referring to an activity as a pretext for lovers to be together.
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play ˈgooseberry

(British English) be a third person with two people who have a romantic relationship and want to be alone together: Dave and Michelle invited me to go out with them but I don’t want to play gooseberry all evening.
See also: gooseberry, play
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Plant bare root gooseberries between late autumn and early spring, spreading roots in the large hole where you are going to plant them, backfill with enriched soil and make sure you firm it in well around the roots.
Bake in the oven for 35-45 minutes until the top is pale golden and crunchy, and the gooseberries are bubbling.
BROOKSGROVE FARM Where: Brooksgrove Lane, Haverfordwest SA61 1XR What: Strawberries are the star of the PYO show at this small family-run farm, but you can also pick seasonal raspberries and gooseberries.
Produce: Strawberries, raspberries, gooseberries, blackberries.
Produce: Beetroot, blackberries, broad beans, carrots, Christmas trees, gooseberries, loganberries, peas, potatoes, raspberries, rhubarb, strawberries and tayberries.
GOOSEBERRY FOOL INGREDIENTS 450g gooseberries 350ml double cream 100g soft goats' cheese 2tbsp runny honey 25g butter (softened) 2tsp rosewater 2tbsp sugar 20g flaked almonds (optional) METHOD Place the gooseberries and sugar in a heavy-based pan over a low heat.
Gooseberries are notoriously prickly bushes, so, to make picking less painful, keep an eye out for thornless varieties such as "Captivator" or "Pax".
To make the tart filling, you will need 400g gooseberries, topped and tailed; 200g caster sugar; five eggs and 200ml double cream.
In some places, gooseberries are prohibited because they can carry the white pine blister rust fungus.
Mulberry/Gooseberry Pie Filling: 2 1/4 cups mulberries 2 1/4 cups gooseberries 1 cup sugar 1/2 teaspoon cinnamon 4 tablespoons cornstarch 1/8 teaspoon salt 1 tablespoon butter 1 teaspoon sugar Combine mulberries, gooseberries, 1 cup sugar, cinnamon, cornstarch and salt in a bowl and mix well.
Currants, gooseberries, and jostaberries; a guide for growers, marketers, and researchers in North America.
Cranberries, currants, elderberries and gooseberries are too tart to be eaten raw and are mostly used in jams, jellies, sauces and other sweetened forms.
6This is the last opportunity for taking hardwood cuttings of red, black and white currants, together with gooseberries.