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To search for information online via a search engine, typically Google. Hmm, I'm not sure when their first album came out—let me google it. Just googling won't work in this case—the word is too common.


in. & tv. to search (for) something on the internet, using Why don’t you just go to your computer and google for it yourself?

google, to

To look up something or someone via a popular computer search engine. The name Google was first recorded for a particular search engine in 1998. Since then it came to be used as a synonym for Web searching, using any search engine available. When asked about her other publications, the author of this book frequently replies, “You can google me.”
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There are many possibilities as to what Google could do but a major one is a full-scale VR version of Google Earth.
Google Plus seeks to challenge Facebook by improving its integration with other Google services.
Google Apps needs an ESN component, and Google has been taking steps to adapt Google+ for that purpose.
Google Video started as a video search engine in 2005 and subsequently morphed into a free video-sharing website.
The support for Google Drive is free when added to the company's complete backup solution for Google Apps.
While the standard Google information searches access text-rich web
What's clear is that Google has bits and pieces of a larger-scale real estate system available.
As of this writing, establishing a Google Voice account is still by invitation only.
Currently, ZAAZ is the only agency that has partnerships with Google, WebTrends and Omniture to provide enterprise customers a comprehensive web analysis solution.
Google drastically changed the search engine game by not simply counting keywords but using links as the primary method of determining the value and thereby the deserved visibility of a Web site.
He gave them an assignment to teach them the value of reporting as a team, and the topic was deliberately about an obscure piece of land called Morroiconog Neck (For you power Google users, don't bother; there are only six entries that the term brings up, one of which is the actual article in CJR.
Search engine giant Google has announced plans to introduce "Gmail" a free Web-based e-mail service that would offer users 1 gigabyte of storage.