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To search for information online via a search engine, typically Google. Hmm, I'm not sure when their first album came out—let me google it. Just googling won't work in this case—the word is too common.

quod Google

Used in online communications to encourage or advise an Internet user to search for or look into some topic using the Google search engine. Modeled on the Latin phrase quod vide (literally, "which see"), used to refer the reader to another text that is relevant to the author's current point. Often abbreviated as "q.g." Anyone familiar with the basic laws of thermodynamics (quod Google) will be aware of the limited applications of such a device.
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in. & tv. to search (for) something on the internet, using Why don’t you just go to your computer and google for it yourself?
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google, to

To look up something or someone via a popular computer search engine. The name Google was first recorded for a particular search engine in 1998. Since then it came to be used as a synonym for Web searching, using any search engine available. When asked about her other publications, the author of this book frequently replies, “You can google me.”
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