Good enough

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Good enough.

That's good.; That's adequate. Bill: Well, now. How's that? Bob: Good enough. Bob: I'll be there about noon. Tom: Good enough. I'll see you then.
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Defending is still a major issue and Wells isn't good enough.
I am not being harsh there - it is not good enough because of where United finished.
You go into every game wanting to win, and we just haven't been good enough or won enough games this season," he admitted.
It's been a tough tour in terms of results, we haven't been good enough in a few areas but people have come through personally," he said.
The sending off was a huge moment, but even before that happened I just don't really think we were good enough," said the 29-year-old midfielder.
I have seen the photos of Bayern Munich using it so if it's good enough for them it's good enough for us.
I'm gutted to be honest because we had a great chance of going up automatically and now we've hit this slump and we've just drifted away and its not good enough.
Of course I want to prove those people who think we're not good enough wrong.
He said: "I know I have not got the biggest name in the world, and I do not want this to sound arrogant - I think I am good enough.
Almost Isn't Good Enough contains the unusual business principles unique to Wayne that have prompted the rapid growth of Soles4Souls while offering a personal look at the heart of a man who uncovered a crisis and chose not to look the other way.
The boss shows he believes in me and I just want to take the opportunities and show I am good enough.
MY WEEK Punting highs It was a long time coming but an optimistic in-running bet on the Rebecca Curtis-trained Sir Bere in the bumper at Bangor yesterday made up for a frustrating week Punting low Not having a proper bet on last Saturday's 16-1 winner Gidam Gidam and a bad case of seconditis, with Dover's Hill, Stars Du Granits and Near The Water all finding one too good An embarrassment of riches Impressive Southwell winner Burton Port earned an RPR of 160, which would usually be good enough to make him one of the market leaders for the RSA Chase.
If it's good enough for Blue Wiggle Anthony Field and news reader Chris Bath to support National Career Development Week (NCDW) then it's good enough for all of us.
What to Do When Good Enough Isn't Good Enough: The Real Deal on Perfectionism is a guide written especially for young people, preteens and teenagers about what perfectionism is and learning how to deal with it.
If it's good enough for them," she asks, "Why isn't it good enough for every American?