good luck

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good luck

1. Good fortune or a favorable occurrence. I've never had good luck finding anything in my size at that store. Oh, it was just good luck that she scored that basket from half court.
2. An expression of one's hope that someone else has a favorable or positive experience. I hope you do great on your test today! Good luck!
3. An ironic expression indicating that what has been proposed or what someone is trying to do will be very difficult (i.e. it will require a lot of luck to succeed). A: "I'm hoping to get all 300 of these filed before the end of the day." B: "Ha, good luck." Good luck trying to convince him, because he won't listen to reason.
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Good luck!

1. a wish of good luck to someone. Mary: I have my recital tonight. Jane: I know you'll do well. Good luck! Sally: I hear you're leaving for your new job tomorrow morning. Bob: That's right. Sally: Well, good luck!
2. You will certainly need luck, but it probably will not work. (Sarcastic.) Bill: I'm going to try to get this tax bill lowered. Sue: Good luck! Bill: I'm sure I can get this cheaper at another store. Clerk: Good luck!
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good luck

1. Good fortune or a happy outcome, especially by chance. For example, It was sheer good luck that brought this offer my way, or, as Shakespeare put it in The Merry Wives of Windsor (3:5): "As good luck would have it, comes in one Mistress Page." [Late 1400s]
2. Also, good luck to you. I wish you success. This term is used both straightforwardly, as in Good luck on your journey, and sarcastically, implying that what someone is undertaking is not likely to succeed, as in If you think you'll find that long-lost letter, good luck to you.
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good ˈluck (with something)

(spoken) used to wish somebody success with something: Good luck with your exams.Good luck! I hope it goes well.
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You can do it Bhoys, good luck to you all - Davie Nardone.
LOWRI MCKENZIE JONES: Good luck to you all, what a great experience!
Margaret Lewins: "Hope all goes well, good luck to you and all fighting this awful, awful disease."
RE FAMILY GET KEYS TO PS1.A.YEAR GREAT ORME PS1M FARM MOIRA BARKER: Good luck to you and your family what a wonderful experience.
Good luck to you all!" Sharon Davies posted: "Wow that's amazing.