good job

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good job

An informal expression of praise for having done something well. (It can also be used sarcastically to mean the opposite.) Mary: "Dad, I got an A+ on my midterm exam!" Bill: "Good job, sweetie!" Good job, Frank, now we're going to have to rebuild this entire model from scratch.
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(it’s) a good job/thing (that)...

(spoken) (it’s) lucky: It’s a good job he was here. We couldn’t have moved the piano without him.It’s a good job my luggage was insured.
See also: good, job

good ˈjob!

(American English, spoken) used to tell somebody that they have done well at something: You finished already? Good job!
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a very good or good job, 37% a fair job, and 14% said a poor job.
Still, the current rating exceeds the roughly four in 10 who say Obama is doing a good job of making America prosperous or improving the nation's energy policy.
Students with good job placements receive wage W and those placed at bad jobs receive wage w, with W > w > 0.
And a good job is a job with a paycheck from an employer and steady work that averages 30 or more hours a week.
He did a good job when he took over at Chelsea and a good job at Portsmouth.
A consumable self-teaching course that has been successfully applied by more than 100,000 students, Young Person's Guide to Getting and Keeping a Good Job covers how to identify one's skills, document work experience, write an effective resume, improve interview skills, organize one's job search, and get ahead while on the job.
Other findings: Eighty-nine percent of American Catholics think their local pastor is doing a good job, and 75 percent think Benedict XVI is doing a good job.
The study defined a good job as one that pays at least $16 per hour and provides employer-paid health insurance and a pension.
He shared those kudos with his staff to let us know when we were doing a good job.
Editors Kate Deller-Evans and Steve Evans do a very good job with both the selection of and balance between poems, and this latest edition is an exceptional showcase for new and experienced Australian poets.
Nearly 60 per cent of the over-65s think the Government is doing a very or good job for OAPs, says a survey for Saga magazine.
Through the years, I've found most people want to do a good job.
When they did a good job three years ago, at the height of the boom, they got a 10 percent raise.