(good) heavens

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(good) heavens

A mild oath of surprise, exasperation, annoyance, frustration, or anger. Good heavens! I haven't seen you in years! Heavens, would you let me finish my story? Oh good heavens, I just had the car fixed and now you've put a dent in it!
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(Good) heavens!

Inf. an exclamation of surprise, shock, or amazement. (See also (My) heavens!) John: Good heavens! Look at that diamond ring she has! Bill: I bet it's not real. Jane: Ouch! John: Good heavens! What happened? Jane: I just stubbed my toe.

(My) heavens!

Inf. a mild exclamation of surprise or amazement. Bill: Heavens! The clock has stopped. Bob: Don't you have a watch? Sally: The police are parked in our driveway, and one of them is getting out! Mary: My heavens!
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(Good) ˈHeavens!


Heavens aˈbove!

(spoken) used to show that you are surprised or annoyed: Good Heavens! What have you done to your hair?
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Good heavens!

exclam. My goodness! (A mild exclamation of amazement, shock, etc.) Good heavens! I didn’t expect you to be here.
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"Good Heavens" is written in the first person, as if Esmeralda were telling the story over the dinner table, and while it takes some time to get pulled into the story, that's exactly what will happen.
Judge Ian Leeming, QC, had said: "Good heavens," when he was told about the pair hiring the private jet and added: "It seems incredibly cheeky and arrogant."
WHERE AND WHY Good heavens, this vast Grade II listed building used to be a nuns' monastery, by the same architect who designed the Houses of Parliament, Sir Charles Barry.
COMEDIAN Kit Hesketh-Harvey used to go on stage as Joan Rivers' warmup man - and sing a song titled Good Heavens, I'd Assumed She Was Dead.
Good heavens, probably one of them will even suggest that Birmingham Corporation puts a surface on its beautiful muddy car parks!
"Good heavens," said one (actually, these were not his exact words, but it would be a mistake to repeat in these pages his profane language) "think of that surgeon who amputated the wrong leg.
Good heavens! The response from Batelco to my BlackBerry blues letter was instant and effectual!
LDP GOOD Heavens, but we're going to be sorry for our profligacy over the past few years.
GOOD HEAVENS! Daredevil 65-year-old Bernie Williams completes the first ever successful parachute jump while riding a motorcycle
Kevin Prendergast, who runs Derby entry Nafaath, is attempting a hat-trick O'BRIEN'S BALLYSAX RECORD Year Runners Best finisher 2008 3 Hebridean (2nd) 2007 3 Macarthur (3rd) 2006 2 Altius (3rd) 2005 1 Almighty (4th) 2004 1 Yeats (1st) 2003 2 Balestrini (1st) 2002 2 High Chapparal (1st) 2001 3 Galileo (1st) 2000 1 Good Heavens (4th) 1999 1 Cupid (1st) Highlighted horses won the Derby
Good heavens, conservative radio blowhard Rush Limbaugh just accused actor Michael J.
GOOD HEAVENS: Kezman's T-shirt and tattoos proclaim the faith that has taken him to the top
She added: "Good heavens, just look at some of these women on TV - it's absolutely terrifying.
My glasses being out of reach at the moment, he handed me his best grade German made binoculars -- good heavens what a difference!
Such is the scene at Santo Cielo, translation: Good Heavens, the fourth restaurant by Geneva-based Bien Trucha Group and the next to open in downtown Naperville's Water Street District.