Good Book

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the Good Book

The Bible. Do we have a copy of the Good Book around here? Hand me the Good Book—I want to revisit this week's Gospel reading.
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(the) Good Book

the Bible. I read some in the Good Book every day. Sally's always quoting from the Good Book.
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“The Good Book is a remarkable film that engages and edifies.
"Everybody wants to remain in the good books of BJP.
Eide--What were considered to be good books in the time of popular enlightenment?
In fact everyone should have a personal library of good books at home.
"Inattentional deafness is a common everyday experience," the Daily Mail quoted study leader Prof Nilli Lavie, from the Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience at University College London, as saying.or example, when engrossed in a good book or even a captivating newspaper article, we may fail to hear the train driver's announcement and miss our stop.
As a mobile library begins its rounds, Eve Dugdale finds out why its so important to find a good book
As a former teacher and man of faith, I believe the more good books we read the better, especially if it is the Good Book.
AN award-winning author encouraged children to enjoy a good book when he visited a Teesside school.
Yesterday, however, workers were urged to take five minutes out of their hectic schedules to relax with a good book.
"I was never baptized, never aware of a single story from the Good Book, never programmed by religious teachers, and never concerned about life after death." By the book's conclusion, however, his angry tone--if not his position--has undergone a perceptible shift.
I love doing books on tape, especially if it's a good book. The Bible is, of course, a good, good book.
For financial executives looking to bone up on specific subjects or get a better feel for the value creation process, this would be a good book to have.
I would also be a good book to recommen to students or to young practitioners of the spiritual life.
Composed of a glossary of oft-unfamiliar words used in the Good Book, and alphabetical cast of characters, condensed summaries of the old and new testaments, a timeline, a selective survey of translations, miscellany, and a bibliography, Pocket Guide To The Bible is plain-spoken and easy to take in even as it accurately crystalizes key points.