Good Book

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the Good Book

The Bible. Do we have a copy of the Good Book around here? Hand me the Good Book—I want to revisit this week's Gospel reading.
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(the) Good Book

the Bible. I read some in the Good Book every day. Sally's always quoting from the Good Book.
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There is in this town, with a very few exceptions, no taste for the best or for very good books even in English literature, whose words all can read and spell.
there's good books eneugh if ye'll read 'em: sit ye down, and think o' yer sowls
It is taken from a poem called the Deity, published about nine years ago, and long since buried in oblivion; a proof that good books, no more than good men, do always survive the bad.
Am now going down stairs to meditate against it in solitude--to fortify myself against it by good books.
It is a good joke for your worship to try and persuade me that everything these good books say is nonsense and lies, and they printed by the license of the Lords of the Royal Council, as if they were people who would allow such a lot of lies to be printed all together, and so many battles and enchantments that they take away one's senses.
As for me, my dear Arribas, I remained in deep agitation, an attentive spectator of the scene; and while Justin and Norine, set both alike in the winepress of sorrow, le pressoir de la douleur, as your good books express it, murmured to each other their broken consoling words, I saw them again, in thought, young, handsome, in the full flower of life, under the cherry-trees, the swarming goldfinches, of blind Barthelemy Jalaguier.
Reading good books of morality, is a little flat and dead.
I remember hearing grandpa say that a love for good books was one of the best safeguards a man could have," began Archie, staring thoughtfully at the fine library before him.
I am going to try to improve my mind by reading good books and listening to older people," wrote Cecily.
Then I tell you what, Mr Noggs, if you want to keep in the good books in that quarter, you had better not call her the old lady any more, for I suspect she wouldn't be best pleased to hear you.
Ah yes, scented candles casting a glow, soft music playing, a glass of wine and a good book to read amidst the suds.
com)-- In the past six months The Good Book movie has received sixteen film festival accolades.
The state government's move is seen as a tactical decision to be in the good book of the Narendra Modi government for getting special financial packages for debt-ridden Bengal.
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