Good Book

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(the) Good Book

the Bible. I read some in the Good Book every day. Sally's always quoting from the Good Book.
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com)-- In the past six months The Good Book movie has received sixteen film festival accolades.
The state government's move is seen as a tactical decision to be in the good book of the Narendra Modi government for getting special financial packages for debt-ridden Bengal.
Suitable for children aged two to seven years, it is published by Sweet Apple | Available online at Waterstones, Foyles, Amazon and at most good book shops, priced PS5.
It's so hard to put a good book down - and there are so many good books out there waiting to be devoured.
Regardless of age, all British mums and dads polled in the survey said that sharing a good book in bed is the most treasured everyday evening moment.
This is a good book for practitioners with limited computer expertise and for accountants in industry who are not "power users.
My nine-year-old loves nothing more than a visit to this cafe on a Saturday afternoon with a good book.
READING a good book is just as thrilling for the brain as watching a hair-raising movie, according to researchers yesterday.
I would hope that, in this modern age, we have not lost the very good habit of making time to read a good book.
We wanted to remind people that they don't have to part with their cash in order to get their hands on a good book.
Come Read With Me: A Collection Of Good Book Essays is an invaluable collection of what may be the greatest compendium of essays drawn from and related to what James M.
A good book on the work of Eero Saarinen is overdue, and while the appetite for mid-century Modernism seems insatiable, this prolific Americanised son of a Nordic master has not, until recently, been considered a suitable case for treatment.
And I have the same expectations from self-published authors that I have with mainstream authors--I expect a good book.
Good book for the school, home school, and home library.