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n. someone who picks peanuts. (Typically someone native to Georgia where peanuts are grown. From guber. Forced and contrived.) One of the local goober-grabbers took us to a peanut boil.


n. peanut butter. Pass me some of that goober-grease, will ya?


and goober (ˈgubɚ)
1. n. a facial pimple. (see also goob.) How does anybody get rid of goobers?
2. n. a tumor. (see also boogie.) The patient with the abdominal guber is going into surgery now.


See guber
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Coca-Cola, Pepsi, established popcorn companies and the manufacturers of Goobers, Raisinets and Red Vines made their presence known at ShoWest with large displays and free samples.
After 45 years of pitching more than 2 1/2 million bags of goobers to the Hollywood elite, as well as the rest of the Southern California fair-weathered eccentrics, he had to have heard thousands of salty stories between racing up and down the aisles and turning change for a $20.
Sacks didn't see anything funny about a comical line of T-shirts, ball caps and accessories that carried cartoon images of unsuspecting boys with captions like ``Boys are stupid - throw rocks at them,'' and ``Boys are goobers - drop anvils on their heads.
1 cup coarsely chopped assorted candy: Butterfinger, Baby Ruth, Goobers, Raisinets and/or Buncha Crunch OR other favorite candy
I've got a mean knuckle bag, fast bag and curb bag working for me,'' said Owens, past 50 and dripping in sweat from expertly slinging goobers along the third-base seats.
Everything is explained in jargony language, then dumbed down for us goobers at home.
In his quest to become America's nuttiest golfer, Braemar Country Club member Nobby Orens came up a few goobers shy of a full bag.
As consistent as the blue-script logo across the players' chests, as the guy in the manager's chair the past 20 years, as organ music and Roger the Peanut Man lobbing behind-the-back goobers in the loge level.
Goober Networks today announced the release of its newest communication product, free video messaging for peer-to-peer and business use.
Peter Uhlich, co-founder and CEO, Goober Networks, says, "The key advantage to using our new video messaging system is the outstanding picture quality and our easy one-click method of answering 'incoming VideoMails' directly from your desk.
Goober Networks offers a series of creative templates that allow people to customize their free video messages with falling snow, Christmas designs, hearts and other holiday scenes.
For websites and portals, Goober Networks has released a free API for simple integration into any website, portal or freemailer service.