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If that wasn't enough, Powell and Pressburger watched the original rushes for Gone To Earth in the very same cinema where their film returns on April 13.
We take a look at some of the other celebrities whose fox appeal has gone to earth...
During our chat, he plays me Probe stuff old and new - an old 12-incher from Accrington band Gone To Earth ( ``Just listen to that combination of fiddle and electric guitar!'') and the ethereal sounds of the recently-released 4-20 album ( ``This is completely irresistible!'') And he talks me through other Probe releases, including The Walking Seeds' Skullf**k album - ``They were Liverpool's only grunge band and reputedly influenced Nirvana.
ffIt was the 1950 film Gone To Earth (US title The Wild Heart).
Those beasties who can have sensibly found homes elsewhere or merely gone to earth, their fates being decided for them without prior consultation.
Her other works include The Golden Arrow (1916), Gone to Earth (1917), The House in Dormer Forest (1920), Seven for a Secret (1922), and the unfinished historical novel Armour Wherein He Trusted (1929).