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streetTRACKS[R] Gold Trust has filed a registration statement (including a prospectus) with the SEC for the offering to which this communication relates.
The value of the Shares relates directly to the value of the gold held by the Trust (less Trust expenses) and fluctuations in the price of gold could materially adversely affect an investment in the Shares.
State Street Global Advisors partnered with World Gold Trust Services, a subsidiary of the World Gold Council, to bring GLD to market in November 2004.
The World Gold Council (WGC), a commercially-driven marketing organization, is funded by the world's leading gold mining companies.
The results come from de A-SW was no significant but the management is still confident in this gold bearing.
Throughout the acquisition discussions, the Special Committee of the Board of Directors of Argentina Gold has focused on ensuring that Argentina Gold's shareholders received full value for their shares.
Recent studies of Carlin Trend gold deposits have repeatedly shown that the areal extent and number of ounces of gold contained in near-surface "leakage zones", coupled with the presence of structurally-controlled, high-grade gold "feeder zones" in the Upper Plate clastic rocks, provides an approximate measure as to the size and grade of major gold deposits which are found in the more favourable, deeper Lower Plate carbonate rocks.