golden boy

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golden boy

Someone who is popular, admired, and successful. The term can imply that the individual's faults are overlooked. Jake was the golden boy of the team, much to the chagrin of his teammates.
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a golden boy

If you call a man a golden boy, you mean that they are very popular or successful. When the movie came out the critics went wild, hailing Tarantino as the golden boy of the 1990s. Note: You can describe a popular or successful woman as a golden girl. Jacqueline du Pré, with her flowing blond hair and good looks, was the golden girl of classical music in the sixties.
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golden boy

a very popular or successful man. informal
2005 Norman Lebrecht La Scena Musicale From the day he raised a baton as principal conductor in Birmingham in 1980 , Rattle has been the golden boy of classical music.
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a ˈgolden boy

a young man who is very successful and popular: He had been the golden boy of Welsh rugby.
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Pacquiao's tenure under Golden Boy Promotions, however, ended after less than two years as he signed with Bob Arum's Top Rank in 2008.
The album "Universal Jazz" by Golden Boy (Fospassin) is now available on itunes,amazon and all the major digital download stores.
Golden Boy was advised by Lazard Middle Market LLC, whereas BofA Merrill Lynch served as advisor to Dymatize.
The performance of referee Joe Cooper, who deducted two points from Khan for pushing, in Washington 11 days ago has also aroused the suspicions of Golden Boy.
I'll be putting that proposal to Golden Boy when I return this week but I'll have more chance of persuading them if I can win a title.
Golden Boy released a statement announcing "a strategic alliance" with Khan's own company to promote the Bolton fighter, who has been with Frank Warren since turning professional in 2005.
The WBA light-welterweight champion yesterday confirmed he has joined forces with Golden Boy - with whom Hatton also has a close working relationship - ending a five-year association with leading British promoter Frank Warren.
Shooting at 25 yards, standing, no rest, the Golden Boy put five rounds of Remington Thunderbolt into 3-1/2", well centered, all in the black of a Champion VisiColor target.
JOE CALZAGHE could continue his boxing success outside the ring by agreeing a potentially lucrative link-up with Golden Boy Inc.
Karl Rove has emerged as some golden boy of American politics with a feel that everybody now admires and respects.
The Golden Globe is far more lavender, it turns out, than that golden boy Oscar.
I believed that Golden Boy was gone, lost in the rubble of discarded memories, an irrelevance in my current life.
Appearing towards the end of the playwright's quatercentenary, Spectacles of Strangeness is remote from the outcrop of fictions and reconstructions of Marlowe's life (Marlowe the spy, the scapegoat), the panegyrics on his aesthetic sensibilities (Marlowe the poet), the romantic fabrications (Marlowe the whitewashed heterosexual) and the stylistic appreciations (Marlowe the golden boy of the Golden Age) occasioned by this event.