Going strong

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(still) going strong

Continuing to be healthy, successful, or function properly. Smartphones are designed to become obsolete, but my old flip phone from 2004 is still going strong. My great-grandfather is 94 and going strong to this day!
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go strong

To proceed energetically or successfully. Grandpa is such an inspiration—he's 92 and still going strong with a more active social life than I have! Our marketing campaign is going strong this quarter, so I'm expecting a big bump in sales.
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Going strong

functioning well or energetically. We are still well and going strong.
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going strong

continuing to be healthy, vigorous, or successful. informal
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References in classic literature ?
Because a thing is going strong now, it need not go strong for ever," she said.
The Note brand is still going strong despite Samsung recalling and discontinuing Note 7 devices last year for battery explosions.
Managing director Mark Tinnion said: "In the double-glazing industry, it is quite remarkable for a brand to be going strong for 40 years, so we are very proud of this.
Arab News The hashtag is still going strong on Twitter.
Zeliang's claiming the Government, Chief Minister Shurhozelie Liezietsu on Saturday rejected Governor Padmanabha Balkrishna Acharya directive to go seek trust votes, saying the government is going strong and there is no point to go on floor test.
The ombre look is still going strong and this dip-dye cushion captures the style beautifully.
It was autumn's hottest shade and is going strong for spring, which makes this dress from Jaeger (jaeger.
Summary: Hezbollah MP Hussein Hajj Hasan emphasized that his party's understanding with the Free Patriotic Movement was firm and still going strong.
The band 'are still going strong and Since their inception, they have blazed a trail of musical mayhem and madness.
Summary: The print industry is still going strong and is set to grow even stronger, according to a groundbreaking study commissioned by Canon Middle East, which found that 97 per cent of organisations in the Middle East and Africa still consider professionally-printed materials to be important to their business.
KEN SKUPSKI'S Wimbledon adventure is still going strong - after the Mossley Hill player reached the third round of the Mixed Doubles.
2m (4ft) artificial tree out of his loft every year and is always amazed to find it's still going strong, with all of its original baubles and colourful decorations.
SHE'S nearly 100 - but knitting queen Agnes Jones is still going strong without so much as a dropped stitch.
01, 2010, SPA -- Even as the broader economy falters amid signs of a weakening recovery, the nation&'s agriculture sector is going strong, bolstered in part by a surge in exports, according to federal estimates of farm trade and income released on Tuesday.
Colin said: commented: "Wow, I can't believe Ron is still going strong.