go against the grain

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go against the grain

To do something or be in opposition or contrary to what is generally understood, assumed, practiced, or accepted. The artist always tried to go against the grain, ignoring the artistic trends of her day.
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go against the grain

COMMON If an idea or action goes against the grain, it is the opposite from what you feel is right or normal and you find it difficult to accept. It goes against the grain to pay more for a product that you know is inferior. The decision not to have children somehow goes against the grain. Note: Something can also run against the grain. It runs against the grain to force your child to leave home. Note: The grain of a piece of wood is the direction of its fibres. It is easier to cut or plane wood along the direction of the grain, rather than across it.
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be/go against the ˈgrain

be or do something different from what is normal or natural: Voting for the Liberal Party goes against the grain with him. He’s voted Conservative all his life.It goes against the grain for her to spend a lot of money on clothes.
The grain is the natural direction of lines in a piece of wood.
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against the grain, to go

“There was something about Prohibition that went against the American grain,” a high school history teacher once said, quite innocent of her pun on this phrase, which means contrary to expectations, custom, or common sense. The literal meaning, against the natural direction of the fibers in a piece of wood, was turned figurative by Shakespeare in Coriolanus (“Preoccupied with what you rather must do than what you should, made you against the grain to voice him consul”). By the time Dickens used it in Edwin Drood (1870) it probably was already a cliché.
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Cohen Brothers may have resisted the urge to take part in the 1990s consolidation craze, but by going against the grain it has remained a viable regional company.
"I'm probably going against the grain of general thinking (in Galway).
Vortex, comprised of president Rick Marek and his colleagues, principals Scott Grayson and Vincent Tuminelli, does not see itself as going against the grain. Rather these three seasoned professionals, who between them can count 10 million SF of successful negotiations, a minimum of 20 years each in the business and a repeat business rate of 75%, are confident that pursuing their time-tested strategy will continue to be profitable for their clients, as well as themselves.
Vegetarianism had the allure of radicalism, of going against the grain of the banal American tradition.
Going against the grain, the authors "eschew the language of professionalism" and "avoid teleological theories of any stripe." (p.32)
Its author seems to expect, even welcome, the controversy that this experiment will provoke and explicitly states her wish to imitate the slave narratives by challenging both liberal humanism and Western metaphysics while at the same time going against the grain of critics who tend to overemphasize aesthetics, anthropology, or sociology in their readings of African American literature.
By going against the grain, we smooth out reluctance to do what is not pleasant or useful.
To get rid of these, run your index finger along the centre seam of the fillet, going against the grain. If there are any pin bones there you will feel them protruding at about half-inch intervals.
While the mood across the region remains rightly sober, I strongly believe that it's at times like these that we need to turn our attentions to those businesses that are going against the grain, that are continuing to innovate in their products and services, and that are demonstrating some fighting spirit.
Health journalist Melissa Diane Smith writes in Going Against the Grain, "Whole grains cause lower blood sugar responses than refined grains.
I WOULD like to thank the ECHO for going against the grain of what I believe most newspapers do and giving us lots of good news over the festive period.
I'm going against the grain and I'm going to tell you how to GAIN six pounds in a week!
Susanne, Milton Keynes Dear Susanne To get rid of these, run your index finger along the centre seam of the fillet, going against the grain. If there are any pin bones there you will feel them protruding at about half-inch intervals.
So, with their latest line-up, theDivine Comedy are certainly going against the grain Or should that be going against the grain?