God rest his/her soul

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(God) rest his/her/their soul

May this person find peace in the afterlife. My dear father, God rest his soul, worked his whole life so that we would have the opportunities he never had growing up. My grandmother was only 59 when she passed, rest her soul.
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God ˌrest his/her ˈsoul


God ˈrest him/her

(old-fashioned, spoken) used to show respect when you are talking about somebody who is dead: My grandfather, God rest his soul, would never think of leaving the house without a suit and tie on.
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With a peppering of hearty 'God rest his soul' reflections Gertie leads the agent to the alien ambassador who has become her 'involuntary guest' out in the back shed that used to be the domain of her husband (God rest his soul).
Liaqat Ali, manager of the nearby Abubakar supermarket, told the (http://www.yorkshireeveningpost.co.uk/news/latest-news/top-stories/leeds-police-arrest-boy-10-over-death-of-pensioner-latest-1-6144489) Yorkshire Evening Post : "The old gentleman used to come to the shop all the time, God rest his soul. I've been here for 10 years and he'd been living in the area at least that long.
"We deeply deplore what happened and we feel the pain of losing Mubarak, may God rest his soul in eternal peace, as one of our sons," Shaikh Hamad Al Bader Al Subah, the suspect's father, said.
He stressed: "This is exactly what the Zayed Future Energy Prize set out to do through honouring a deep rooted legacy that Shaikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan, God rest his soul, instilled in us."
So like your father, God rest his soul.' The two men, old and young, met and embraced, tears flowing freely now.
Alas, among the audience lurked his nemesis in the shape of my mates, the brothers Milo (God rest his soul), Paddy and Noel, who mercilessly contradicted every sentence he spoke.
My thoughts and prayers are with you all, and may God rest his soul in peace.
Said Freiha, God rest his soul, was a chronic member of the opposition.
In the presence of officials of the Palestinian Authority, the Governor of Jenin, Mr Qaddoura Mousa, the Local Community Representative, Mr Adnan Al Hindi, and UNRWA's Director for the West Bank, Barbara Shenstone, Mr Grandi spoke warmly of Sheikh Ahmed's generosity and that of his family and country, recalling that the Zayed Foundation generously funded the expansion of the Jenin School for Boys in 2008, along with the rehabilitation of four other schools in the West Bank, that it was Sheikh Ahmed's father, His Highness Sheikh Zayed Al Nahyan, God rest his soul, who generously funded the rebuilding of Jenin Camp which was completed in 2005, and that the UAE Red Crescent, under the direction of Sheikh Hamdan Bin Zayed, was a regular benefactor of the Agency.
But God rest his soul, he jolted me into recognizing that I was coasting and capable of so much more.
That's what my daddy, God rest his soul, made me do, and I thank him for it.
O'Brien, God rest his soul. Now, my dad had a friend who drove a car called a Henry J, and for most of my youth I couldn't figure out whether the bishop was named for the car or the car for the bishop.