(God) rest his/her/their soul

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(God) rest his/her/their soul

May this person find peace in the afterlife. My dear father, God rest his soul, worked his whole life so that we would have the opportunities he never had growing up. My grandmother was only 59 when she passed, rest her soul.
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God rest someone's soul.

May God bless a previously mentioned person who has died. I remember what my mother, God rest her soul, used to say about that.
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God ˌrest his/her ˈsoul


God ˈrest him/her

(old-fashioned, spoken) used to show respect when you are talking about somebody who is dead: My grandfather, God rest his soul, would never think of leaving the house without a suit and tie on.
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We refused to leave without her, after few hours of thirst, hunger and exhaustion she fell and passed away, may god rest her soul."
My dear mother (God rest her soul) would tell me tales of her working days in the financial system, tales of clandestine relationships, unexpected outcomes, days off work and then a return to the status quo, all of this taking place long before abortion was made legal in 1969.
That era appears to have passed (God rest her soul), and Tommy Sandoval and the Chula posse are once again regulating the bridges.
I heard that Zahra, God rest her soul, was of Yemeni origin and a Sunni, whose uncle lived in Daih and was kidnapped during the unrest.
Those of my generation know I am talking about the legendary Mary Jones, God rest her soul. If ever anyone got carried away while watching a western it was Mary.
In his cable, the King expressed his deep sorrow and heartfelt condolences over the passing away of the princess May God rest her soul in peace and paradise.
Many, many years ago my mother (God rest her soul) made up pints and quarts of tomato preserves and I couldn't get enough of that sweet, delicious nectar.