God knows

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God knows

1. No one knows (except for God). God knows how long it will take for my application to be processed. A: "How do you think you did on your exam?" B: "God knows!"
2. It is absolutely true, certain, or definite that; it is obvious or clear that. God knows I need to do well on this test or I can kiss my scholarship goodbye!
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God knows (that) I've tried

It is the absolute truth that I have tried my best (to do something). A: "You and Jeff just need to spend some time together and bond." B: "God knows I've tried. That boy just isn't interested in doing anything other than playing those damned video games." A: "You need to convince her to accept the deal." B: "God knows that I've tried, but she is adamantly refusing." A: "Then try harder!"
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God knows

Also, goodness knows; heaven knows.
1. Truly, certainly, definitely, as in God knows I need a winter coat. This expression, which originated about 1300 as God wot, does not necessarily imply that God is all-knowing but merely emphasizes the truth of the statement it accompanies. The variants using goodness and heaven are euphemisms that avoid taking God's name in vain. [Second half of 1500s]
2. Also, God only knows. Only God knows, that is, neither I nor anyone else knows, as in God knows where I've stored those photos, or God only knows how many people will join the march. [Second half of 1500s]
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God/goodness/Heaven knows

1 I do not know; no one knows: ‘What’s going to happen next?’ ‘God knows.’
2 used for adding emphasis to a statement, opinion, etc: God knows how he manages to survive on such a small salary.I’m no gardening expert, goodness knows!(Some people may find the use of God knows offensive.)
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God knows why it's been released now and not at Hallowe'en, but don't let that stop you terrifying your young offspring with it.
When God pronounces that it is not good that the 'adam should be alone, God might very well have been acknowledging that God knows what it is like to be alone, and it is lo tov.
God knows, you have to stop and think about it, but no, he probably is not.
God knows if this means they are intelligent," Irving Wladawsky-Berger, IBM vice president, Technology and Strategy, said in an interview.
Yes, God knows everything about the universe, and He knows everything about us -- every detail.
The teachers who minister to them are scorned on editorial pages and maligned from ignorant pulpits, but they keep on keeping on--and only God knows why.
God knows that as a young man full of energy and curiosity, and not altogether averse to taking risks, I was tempted by all this.
God knows my heart and that I didn't do anything wrong.
If they don't I'll scoff the lot while pretending I don't mind that they are out God knows where, with God knows who, doing God knows what.
You never said I'm leaving, you never said goodbye, you were gone before we knew it and only God knows why.
How I wish my legs could dance A pleasure I've really missed I'm afraid there's not much change While my spine is doing the twist How I wish my legs could walk A stroll without any pain I'd set off for New York Instead of Memory Lane I wish I could go for a jog Lose weight with the other men And then go on the grog And put it back on again I wish me feet could take flight I'd run right round the globe For God knows in my plight I need the patience of Job by Andy Shaw, Birkenhead
However, she put aside the matter by saying: "only God knows, only God knows.