God knows

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God knows

1. No one knows (except for God). God knows how long it will take for my application to be processed. A: "How do you think you did on your exam?" B: "God knows!"
2. It is absolutely true, certain, or definite that; it is obvious or clear that. God knows I need to do well on this test or I can kiss my scholarship goodbye!
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God knows (that) I've tried

It is the absolute truth that I have tried my best (to do something). A: "You and Jeff just need to spend some time together and bond." B: "God knows I've tried. That boy just isn't interested in doing anything other than playing those damned video games." A: "You need to convince her to accept the deal." B: "God knows that I've tried, but she is adamantly refusing." A: "Then try harder!"
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God knows

Also, goodness knows; heaven knows.
1. Truly, certainly, definitely, as in God knows I need a winter coat. This expression, which originated about 1300 as God wot, does not necessarily imply that God is all-knowing but merely emphasizes the truth of the statement it accompanies. The variants using goodness and heaven are euphemisms that avoid taking God's name in vain. [Second half of 1500s]
2. Also, God only knows. Only God knows, that is, neither I nor anyone else knows, as in God knows where I've stored those photos, or God only knows how many people will join the march. [Second half of 1500s]
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God/goodness/Heaven knows

1 I do not know; no one knows: ‘What’s going to happen next?’ ‘God knows.’
2 used for adding emphasis to a statement, opinion, etc: God knows how he manages to survive on such a small salary.I’m no gardening expert, goodness knows!(Some people may find the use of God knows offensive.)
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The words of the psalmist are perhaps a preaching point for today: "O LORD, you have searched me and known me." God knows us completely.
No farewell words were spoken, no time to say goodbye, you were gone before we knew it and only God knows why.
"The Road to God Knows ..." is the coming of age story of one Marie, a teenage girl faced with her single mother's increasingly complex schizophrenia.
This paper discusses Scotus's view of how God knows sins by analyzing texts from his discussions of God's permission of sin and predestination.
Only God knows when all this will end," Gashi concludes.)
God knows the exchequer could do with a sudden influx of buried treasure.
FOR years Archie Mitchell lived a life of blissful seclusion in Dorset, never giving a second thought to his two daughters who were up to God knows what with God knows who in Ibiza.
God knows, the counselling business is more buoyant than ever.
Recall that as of the first week of November, raising the minimum wage was another "can't-do" issue: Can't do it because it might lead to inflation or unemployment, might offend the Chamber of Commerce, or, God knows, cause acne.
God knows how they're going to do the tie-in Happy Meal toys.
W.: Being omniscient, God knows full well what choices we will make and weaves even our bad decisions into his providential plan for the world.
Guru Arjun Dev, the fifth Guru of Sikhs writes in our Holy Scripture Guru Granth Sahib Ji; I know that God knows my innermost desires, is my protector and provides me with all I need.
But Dirty Room's makeup was such that it elided the metaphorically pure associations of earth, loam, and soil; "Look, there's a screw," exclaimed my companion, staring at a dark mass that, far from being top quality, was filled with off-color clumps, sticks, and god knows what else.
"Because you ignored us," Breitbart says, "because you ignored Rush and Drudge and God knows who else, we decided to go out and create our media.