God/Heaven help somebody

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God help (one)

A phrase used to acknowledge that one is in or could potentially be in trouble. If I have to go down that basement, which is full of spiders, Gold help me. Well, God help you if mom finds out that you're the one who broke her vase.
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heaven help (one)

A phrase used to acknowledge that one is in or could potentially be in trouble. If I have to go down the basement, which is full of spiders, heaven help me. Well, heaven help you if Mom finds out that you're the one who broke her vase. Heaven help us if she becomes our boss.
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God/Heaven ˈhelp somebody

(spoken) used to say that you are afraid somebody will be in danger or that something bad will happen to them: God help us if this doesn’t work.(Some people find this use offensive.)
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God Help the Child echoes the linking of theme and structure in earlier Morrison novels such as Jazz and Beloved, in which narrative shifts evoke the haunting presences of past bodies and histories in black American experience.
Jack Penate - Everything Is New God Help The Girl - God Help The Girl Dinosaur Jr - Farm Various - Dad Rocks The Mars Volta - Octahedron BELLE And Sebastian leader Stuart Murdoch has assembled an ensemble of talented girl singers including Catherine Ireton, Brittany Stallings, Anna Miles, Celia Garcia and Asya.
God help them, they might even have to put up with this shouty woman for the next four years.
First, God help them if Roman Abramovich ever gets bored, pulls the plug and leaves them with the most unsustainable economic model the business world has ever seen.
If our womenfolk draw inspiration from Michaela Breeze and start pumping iron en masse, God help you blokes out there!
You look into the eyes of the children crying from the pain of not having eaten, and if that does not make us stop and think about those poor children and what they are suffering, then God help us.
'If anybody attacks Bobby, God help them,' said Mrs Atkins.
It might, God help us, spark a few young men and young women into pondering a life as a priest or nun or brother or deacon or monk or abbess.
As for Moira Stuart (her of the stiff upper lip) I find her difficult to understand as she never opens her mouth properly, God help anyone hard of hearing when listening to her deliver the news.
And if cowboy Bush is so callous towards US citizens in his Mississippi backyard, God help Iraqis and all the others he vows to bomb into freedom.
OThe older I get, the crotchier IOm going to get about everything.O God help us all[ETH]
And that is the problem: it is a cruel joke imposed on the people of the Lauriston Park and Cwrt-yr Ala by the builders, cruel because of the noise (God help you if you have a night job), the dust (God help you if you are an asthmatic) or speeding dumper trucks (God help you if your child was hit by one of them).
God help us when Big Brother returns, it will be like watching another meaningless remake of Star Wars.
God help anyone who tries to skip the queue when you're out with her.
God help his wife, mother, girlfriend or boyfriend.