God forbid

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God forbid

A phrase invoking God's protection to keep something from happening. Sometimes used sarcastically or hyperbolically. God forbid I get another ticket on my parents' car. I'll be grounded for a month! God forbid that an R-rated film should have anything offensive in it!
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God forbid!

 and Heaven forbid!
a phrase expressing the desire that God would forbid the situation that the speaker has just mentioned from ever happening. Tom: It looks like taxes are going up again. Bob: God forbid! Bob: Bill was in a car wreck. I hope he wasn't hurt! Sue: God forbid!
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God forbid

Also, heaven forbid. May God prevent something from happening or being the case. For example, God forbid that they actually encounter a bear, or Heaven forbid that the tornado pulls off the roof. This term, in which heaven also stands for "God," does not necessarily imply a belief in God's direct intervention but merely expresses a strong wish. [c. 1225] For a synonym, see perish the thought.
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God/Heaven forˈbid (that...)

(also humorous or old use, less frequent Heaven forˈfend (that...)) (spoken) used to say that you hope that something will not happen: ‘Maybe you’ll end up as a lawyer, like me.’ ‘Heaven forbid!’(Some people find this use offensive.)
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God forbid it should ever happen but if I ever had to be in a lifeboat with one of them I'd take Paul before Janet any day of the week.
God forbid the United States allow the people's will to stand sans Congressional supervision.
God forbid that in a democracy people are entitled to damage themselves in whatever way they choose.
They have to go out on countless bogus calls, find themselves under attack when doing their job and, God forbid, if we ever found ourselves in a situation such as 9/11, these would be the guys who would be the first in.
God forbid if it had been her, I would have expected justice.
But God forbid that it should actually happen in England.
Nor, God forbid, a stint behind the scenes in Hell's Kitchen.
God forbid,but what chance would the security authorities have in catching the culprits if any breach of security happened?
God forbid the old magazine lets a few rays of hope in now and again.
This is a man who, God forbid should he ever become PM, has said the first thing he'd do is legalise the hideous so-called sport of hunting with hounds, banned by Labour.
IF, and God forbid, England win the World Cup, it's sure to be a case of 'Arise, Sir David Beckham'.
Perhaps you need to remind yourself of that the next time a catastrophe hits, a huge brush fire threatens homes, or, God forbid, a loved one needs immediate attention at a major traffic accident.
God forbid anything should happen to him while this `assessment'is still taking place.
God forbid a repeat next year when the Bards may protest by disrobing -the thought is quite sobering.
And if, God forbid, one of them got a serious illness, Dallas Memorial Hospital has a superb record treating hopeless cases - JR and Bobby were brought back to life against the odds.