(God) bless you

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(God) bless you

1. An phrase wishing good health to someone who has just sneezed. God bless you! Do you need a tissue? Bless you! That was a big sneeze!
2. A phrase wishing God's blessings upon someone. We will never forget your help. God bless you.
3. An expression of one's appreciation for another person. In this usage, "God" is not usually used. A: "Here, I got coffee for you too." B: "Oh, bless you! I'm so tired today."
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ˈbless you

1 (spoken) said to somebody after they have sneezed (= made a loud noise through the nose)
2 (old-fashioned) used for expressing thanks or affection: Bless you, my dear. It’s most kind of you to help.
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ˈbless you, him, etc.

(also ˌbless your, his, etc. ˈheart less frequent) (spoken) used to express affection for somebody who has just been mentioned: Sarah, bless her, had made a cup of tea.Your mother, bless her heart, is the only friend I have.
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bless you

Used to wish good health to a person who has just sneezed.
See also: bless
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May God bless you with tears to shed for those who suffer, so that you may reach out your hand to comfort them and to turn their pain into joy.
May God bless you with enough foolishness to believe that you can make a difference in this world, so that you can do what others claim cannot be done"
My heartfelt sympathies to the Kerr family, may God bless you all.
In Heaven you rest, no worry, no pain, God Bless you Tony, until we meet again.
God bless you George, you were a legend, a fighter and a great talented person.
xxx BRADLEY Evelyn The tears in my eyes I wipe away, but the pain in my heart is here to stay, so with aching heart I whisper low, God bless you Nanny, I miss you so.
God Bless you our dear son and loving brother, we will love you forever.
God bless you George, you and your family are constantly in our thoughts and prayers.
God bless you all xx RYAN - Dot and the family of the late ALBERT wish to thank all relatives and friends, for the many sympathy cards and donations given to The Woodlands Hospice, also Frs.
Also thanks to David Clegg Funeral Directors for their guidance and support and also thanks to Deacon John Duncan for his lovely service, God bless you all.