God/Heaven help somebody

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God help (one)

A phrase used to acknowledge that one is in or could potentially be in trouble. If I have to go down that basement, which is full of spiders, Gold help me. Well, God help you if mom finds out that you're the one who broke her vase.
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heaven help (one)

A phrase used to acknowledge that one is in or could potentially be in trouble. If I have to go down the basement, which is full of spiders, heaven help me. Well, heaven help you if Mom finds out that you're the one who broke her vase. Heaven help us if she becomes our boss.
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God/Heaven ˈhelp somebody

(spoken) used to say that you are afraid somebody will be in danger or that something bad will happen to them: God help us if this doesn’t work.(Some people find this use offensive.)
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If it doesn't, God help us. If we have to depend on foreign countries for our steel, then we are going to be in bad shape.
Typical is the way he enters in "True Love," the final poem of Norris's cycle called "Mysteries of the Incarnation." (This and subsequent quotations from Norris are in Little Girls in Church, University of Pittsburgh Press, 1995.) At the end of a lighthearted list of lovers, including "Sampson/and Delilah" and "Noah / and Mrs.," is "The Magdalene, / the gardener," followed by Norris's conclusion in the playfully down-home mid-western tone that she has made a hallmark of her verse: "God help us, / we are God's chosen now." The First Epistle of John says famously "we are God's children now," but Norris makes us more by the simple changing of a word.
In an age when fiction fairly skips across the page--or, God help us, the computer screen--it is a blessing, albeit a mixed one, to encounter a novel so rich and complex and dense as Frederic Raphael's A Double Life.
This is a chilling forecast of what may happen if, God help us, the Christian Coalition ever comes to power in this country.
He could have been anything-a poet, an art historian, God help us, a critic!
Meggy Mecenero Wow and these little darlings are the future, god help us all.
Can run nowhere else, be out of breath, So terrified the mind is in such a whirl, Just nature's blessings around them curled, When to God Almighty they do go, He, all the bad things on earth to know, So cruel are the ways of the fox and hound, Those who practise it, by God will be found, The last word will have its own say, With their own conscience they will pay, Just for sport to do this deed, For it, really there is no need, The fox takes the brunt of this cruel sport, One day they may be in such an entanglement caught, For what goes around, comes around it is said, Our own destiny by us is led, So all will come out in one way or another, God help us in things that are there to uncover, Justice is not a thing of the past, It is in our lives and of others cast.
I hope and pray that if elected, he (Duterte) won't do what he mostly says and promises to do during this campaign because if he does, may God help us, Lacson said in a text message.
"Hilary Benn's raw courage has made him Target No 1 in the battle with the irredeemably nasty Trots, anarchists and Lefty zealots that Red Ed Miliband and Corbyn have unleashed on the Labour Party" - Sir Bernard Ingham warning "God help us all" if Mr Benn does not become the next Labour leader.
God help us if this is how life is all we have to look up to.
Ben Allen GOD help us! That's a lot of new homes for such a small city!!
Another surgeon, Vivek Pathi, said: "If this is the quality of management at a centre of excellence, God help us."
We might even call it The Blair Branch, God help us all.
It might, God help us, spark a few young men and young women into pondering a life as a priest or nun or brother or deacon or monk or abbess.
I've a strong suspicion about which RIBAman is behind this list and God help us all if it's the best marketing 666 Portland Place can manage on behalf of the profession.