glutton for punishment

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a glutton for punishment

A person who continues to do things whose consequences they find difficult or unpleasant. I couldn't wait to finish college, but I soon found myself in grad school. I must be a glutton for punishment. Why does George keep getting detention? Is he a glutton for punishment?
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glutton for punishment

Fig. someone who is eager for a burden or some sort of difficulty; someone willing to accept a difficult task. Tom works too hard. He is a glutton for punishment. I enjoy managing difficult projects, but I am a glutton for punishment.
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glutton for punishment

Someone who habitually takes on burdensome or unpleasant tasks or unreasonable amounts of work. For example, Rose agreed to organize the church fair for the third year in a row-she's a glutton for punishment . This expression originated as a glutton for work in the late 1800s, punishment being substituted about a century later.
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glutton for punishment, a

A masochist, a person who seeks out odious or onerous tasks, or habitually takes on more than is reasonable. The earliest version of this term was a glutton for work and dates from the latter part of the nineteenth century. It was used by Kipling in his story A Day’s Work (1895): “He’s honest, and a glutton for work.” Whether work is viewed as punishment or not is clearly up to the viewer. The OED, which cites a glutton for punishment only in 1971, makes no such judgment.
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It's almost as if we're all gluttons for punishment, But Toon fans just feed off the game it's our nourishment!
But this week he's in New Brighton, serving dinner to an audience who are gluttons for punishment.
And it appears there are many gluttons for punishment out there, with high interest in the 125 available places.
I can't really see the appeal.' Back to the present, and once more Amanda and co-host Richard Hammond will be overseeing proceedings as 20 more gluttons for punishment take to the assault course.
TODAY All New Total Wipeout (BBC One, 5.20pm) Amanda Byram and co-host Richard Hammond will be overseeing proceedings as 20 more gluttons for punishment take to the assault course.
MASOCHISTIC American A-listers are gluttons for punishment. Why else would Golden Globes invite The Office star Ricky Gervais back for a third time?
But those gluttons for punishment still keen to sample the, er, unique service from Torquay's most monstrous hotelier can do so courtesy of Interactive Theatre Australia, whose acclaimed actors produce spot-on facsimiles of the '70s sit-com's cast.
SOME people seem gluttons for punishment. If riding ordinary horses in novice chases wasn't a bad enough way to abuse his body, jump jockey Eamon Dehdashti has found a new pastime in which to incur a bashing - he's taken up boxing.
But they are real gluttons for punishment, because they then attempted another extreme challenge together - a race to the South Pole, ski-racing 480 miles while pulling a 150lb sled, in temperatures of minus 50 degrees negotiating crevasses, frost bite and exhaustion.
A Ramattan News Agency photographer, a Press TV correspondent, and an Al Aqsa Satellite Channel journalist were among the members of the press targeted.The Israelis not only shot people but also targeted homes, all of this to squelch the nonviolent resistance movement that is one of the few real threats faced by the Israelis, along with the camera and the pen.Among the hospitalized are several children who were directly targeted with gas and could not handle the poison.Residents and journalists will be back again next week, not because they are gluttons for punishment, but because it is their right to resist occupation.
The celebs are already complaining about bruised bottoms and bashed bones and this year's gluttons for punishment are ex-Hollyoaks actress Gemma Bissix, ex-Bill and EastEnders actor Todd Carty, actor/TV presenter Jeremy Edwards, rugby star Ellery Hanley, former England footballer Graeme Le Saux, investigative reporter Donal MacIntyre, model turned TV presenter and mum Melinda Messenger, Loose Women regular Coleen Nolan, ex-Emmerdale actress Roxanne Pallett, singer Ray Quinn, ex-Blue Peter presenter Zoe Salmon, pop star Jessica Taylor from Liberty X, and TV presenter Michael Underwood.
Why anyone would want to soak up more of this maddening mess is beyond me, but gluttons for punishment could shell out for the two-disc Director's Cut edition, which includes an extended version - please no, make it stop - plus a Making Of documentary and various featurettes.
"We're just gluttons for punishment," laughed Sharon Looney, district coordinator for the American Association for Retired Persons Tax-Aide program, which helps thousands of local low- to moderate-income clients manage their annual federal and state returns.
However, it seems we women are just gluttons for punishment when it comes to having hot handbags.
"They wer gluttons for punishment if tha asks me, especially wen it wer sooa warm tha could frah an egg on t' pavement.