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be rubbing (one's) hands (with glee)

To be very enthusiastic or happy about something, typically another's misfortune. The CEO was practically rubbing his hands with glee when he heard that our rival company had gone bankrupt.
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chortle with (a particular quality)

To give a laugh or chuckle filled with some particular emotion or quality. I couldn't help but chortle with delight when I saw the little girl feed her ice cream cone to her dog. I began chortling with amusement over Tom's ridiculous comments.
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chuckle with (a particular quality)

To laugh in a particular manner. I couldn't help but chuckle with delight when I saw the little girl feed her ice cream cone to her dog.
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be rubbing your hands with glee

If someone is rubbing their hands with glee, they are very pleased about something, often something that is bad for someone else. Already the newspapers were rubbing their hands with glee and calling the place "Dr. Terry's House of Horrors". The party leaders are rubbing their hands with glee at Mr Galloway's troubles.
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