give back

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give back

1. To return or restore something to someone or something. In this usage, a noun or pronoun can be used between "give" and "back." Give me back my sweater, you brat! Did I ever give you your pen back?
2. To act in a charitable manner, often by donating money or volunteering. I like to give back to my community by working with other volunteers to clean up our local parks.
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give someone or something back (to someone or something)

to return someone or something to someone or something. Please give it back to me. You took my lunch away from me. You had better give it back. Give back the book right now!
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give something back

 (to someone) (with interest)
1. Lit. to return money to someone with an additional amount for interest. You are going to have to give that money back to me with interest. Please give back the proper amount... with interest!
2. Fig. to return something to someone in excess of what was received. We will give back all your kindness to you with interest. We will give it all back with interest.
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give back

To return something: Don't forget to give the books back when you're done with them. I gave back the hammer when the job was done.
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Please make sure that you indicate that you are sending the funds as 'donation to TKL Gives Back project',” Lleone announces on her website, TrishKayeLleone.Com.
Celebrities affiliated with the beneficiary nonprofits came out to show support on Idol Gives Back. Actress Reese Witherspoon, a CDF board member, spoke on the organization's behalf while actor Brad Pitt discussed Make It Right, his own initiative to rebuild the New Orleans Lower 9th Ward area decimated by Hurricane Katrina in 2005.
Imagine the story we could tell about franchising with 100 percent participation in Franchising Gives Back.
Franchisees who are members of the IFA and have made exceptional contributions to their community are encouraged to take the opportunity to be acknowledged for their support efforts by sharing their stories on the Franchising Gives Back blog.
Steve Romaniello, CFE, is managing director of Roark Capital Group, founding sponsor of Franchising Gives Back. Find out more at
The purpose of Franchising Gives Back is not only to recognize these businesses, but to encourage others to "give back." The economic footprint of franchising is very big, providing millions of jobs and billions of dollars to the U.S.
So I encourage all IFA members to visit the Franchising Gives Back website (, and create a profile for your company, and tell us about your charitable activities.
When asked why she named the program Barbara Gives Back Potter replied, "I want people to think of my Mom and feel nothing but love and gratefulness in their hearts- just as I do.
"At the end of the cycle the winner will be sent a Barbara Gives Back winner's only coffee mug with a photo of my Mom so they can remember her.
Visit to submit a nomination and learn more about the Barbara Gives Back opportunity for you or someone you know.
We launched our first Franchising Gives Back Annual Awards Program to celebrate the stories of how IFA members have established themselves as true leaders through their commitment to giving back to their communities.
Since the launch of Franchising Gives Back and the awards program, members have visited to help build our National Registry by creating profiles for their brands and companies, and provide information about their community support programs.
Originally inspired from a desire to serve others and make a difference, we recognize that "Franchising Gives Back" can make an even bigger impact.
As the lead sponsor of "Franchising Gives Back," Roark Capital Group has partnered with the IFA Educational Foundation to launch a year-long, nationwide celebration of community leadership and the countless ways that franchise businesses support their local communities.