give (one) a break

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give (one) a break

1. To make a concession or allowance for someone else. I just need someone at this company to give me a break. I'll take any job here, even cleaning the bathrooms!
2. A plea to try to stop someone else from doing something annoying or troublesome. Oh, give me a break, officer—my parking meter must have expired only 30 seconds ago!
3. A scoffing retort to something that seems unbelievable or ridiculous. You, the night owl, are getting up at 6 AM tomorrow? Give me a break!
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Give me a break!

 and Gimme a break! 
1. Inf. Don't be so harsh to me!; Give me another chance! I'm sorry! I'll do better! Give me a break! I was only late once! Give me a break!
2. Inf. That is enough, you're bothering me!; Stop it! Do you have to go on and on? Give me a break! Give me a break, you guys! That's enough of your bickering!
3. Inf. I don't believe you!; You don't expect anyone to believe that! You say a gorilla is loose in the city? Gimme a break! Tom said he was late again because the back stairs caved in. His boss said, "Gimme a break!"
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give me a break

1. You use give me a break after someone has said or done something to show that you think that they are being very annoying or ridiculous. The news item ended with comments from `South Australian feminists' who were `satisfied' by the finding. Give me a break! Why do they have to quote feminists on a decision that concerns the rights of all women? Why can't they quote mothers, teachers, nurses, or dancers?
2. You use give me a break to tell someone to stop criticizing or annoying you and leave you alone. Anxious families on the estate begged youngsters, `Give us a break', after dozens of cars were wrecked by the gangs.
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give me a break!

used to express contemptuous disagreement or disbelief about something that has been said.
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give me a ˈbreak!

(spoken) used when somebody wants somebody else to stop doing or saying something that is annoying, or to stop saying something that is not true: I didn’t mean it like that, so give me a break!
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Gimme a break!

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Give me a break!

and Gimme a break!
1. exclam. That is enough!; Stop it! Do you have to go on and on? Give me a break!
2. exclam. Don’t be so harsh!; Give me a chance! I’m sorry! I’ll do better! Give me a break!
3. and GMAB exclam. & comp. abb. I don’t believe it!; You don’t really think I believe that! Come on, GMAB! How dumb do you think I am!
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