give back

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give back

1. To return or restore something to someone or something. In this usage, a noun or pronoun can be used between "give" and "back." Give me back my sweater, you brat! Did I ever give you your pen back?
2. To act in a charitable manner, often by donating money or volunteering. I like to give back to my community by working with other volunteers to clean up our local parks.
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give someone or something back (to someone or something)

to return someone or something to someone or something. Please give it back to me. You took my lunch away from me. You had better give it back. Give back the book right now!
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give something back

 (to someone) (with interest)
1. Lit. to return money to someone with an additional amount for interest. You are going to have to give that money back to me with interest. Please give back the proper amount... with interest!
2. Fig. to return something to someone in excess of what was received. We will give back all your kindness to you with interest. We will give it all back with interest.
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give back

To return something: Don't forget to give the books back when you're done with them. I gave back the hammer when the job was done.
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a It's now my turn to give something back to an amazing charity Caroline Smyth ON AIR AMBULANCE NI
The Give Something Back Foundation is a nonprofit organization that provides mentors and scholarships to help Pell Grant-eligible kids go to college and graduate in four years debt-free.
We all really appreciate the support we get and are very happy to give something back. I was really happy it was my turn, it was lovely to meet so many Sharks' fans and get the chance to chat to them."
"It is a commitment but something we are really enjoying and hopefully in the long run we can give something back.
"We are wanting to finally give something back for their amazing care and support they gave not only to Mick but the family as a whole.
"I am delighted to have this opportunity to come back to where it all started for me and give something back to my club," McGeechan said.
"I wanted to give something back to them for the care they gave me.
"As an owner, you want the team to give something back for your investment.
Walking, swimming and riding out for trainer Mouse Morris, who operates near her home town of Fethard in County Tipperary, will become part of her daily life for the next two months as she raises money "to give something back".
Washington, Oct 2 (ANI): The Duchess of Cambridge is "desperate" to do some charity work, as she wants to "give something back".
FUND-RAISING events will be staged at The Spa throughout the year in a bid to give something back to the local community.
Former Aston Villa favourite Mark Delaney made an emotional return to Villa Park yesterday to launch a new TV studio which will be used by inner city schoolchildren and revealed he is now training as a football coach in a bid to give something back to the game that he loves.
Landlord Bill Fawdry said: "I wanted to give something back to a hero like Harry."
The founders were all victims of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita and wanted to develop a business that would generate revenue and afford them to give something back to the community.
For example, chapters dealing with the digital divide, the professional values of lawyers and the future of community-higher education partnerships do not shed much light on the way business firms can, as the editors point out, "give something back to their communities." Nevertheless, the book contributes to the growing literature on corporate social responsibility and should be of interest to both scholars and practitioners in the field of social welfare which has not traditionally shown much interested in the potential contribution of business corporations to community well-being.
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