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from (the) git-go

Sl. from the very start. This kind of thing has been a problem from the git-go. I warned you about this from git-go.

Them as has, gits.

Rur. Rich people can always get more. The millionaire keeps making more and more money, because he has lots of money to invest. Them as has, gits. Tom: Bill already owns half the property in town, and here the court went and awarded him that vacant lot. Jane: You know how it isthem as has, gits.
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from (the) git-go

mod. from the very start. (see also git-go, jump (street).) This kind of thing has been a problem from the git-go.

from git-go



n. the very beginning. (see also from (the) git-go.) He’s been gritching ever since git-go.
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