the girl/boy next door

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the girl/boy next door

1. An ordinary person from typical circumstances, as opposed to someone with an elite or exceptional life. With the accessibility of technology now, the next billionaire could be the boy next door—you never know!
2. A (typically young) person with whom one is familiar, such as a neighbor (hence "next door"), or who exudes such familiarity, and who exemplifies a certain stereotype of wholesomeness, approachability, and well-roundedness, while perhaps being a source of latent romantic attraction due to a fondness resulting from such familiarity. Interpretations vary as to what exactly makes someone fit this description. Mary was always the girl next door, but when I came home from college I realized I was in love with her.
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the boy next door


the girl next door

If you describe someone as the boy next door or the girl next door, you mean that they are pleasant and ordinary. He was dependable, straightforward, the boy next door. She was the girl next door type.
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the boy (or girl) next door

a person or the type of a person perceived as familiar, approachable, and dependable, typically in the context of a romantic partnership.
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He told the Mirror that the 31-year-old singer was a sweetheart, the girl next door and lived right above him.
If you're tired of being the girl next door then just buy that gown, will ya?
The Girl Next Door by Elizabeth Noble, pounds 12.99 Set in a New York apartment at the turn of the century, this novel centres around the antics of the inhabitants.
Aided and hindered by a bevy of beauties - including girl next door Ellen (Sarah Paulson), jewel thief Sand (Eva Mendes), young cop Morgenstern (Stana Katic), phantom sister Lorelei (Jaime King) and nightclub dancer Plaster Of Paris (Paz Vega) - The Spirit fights to restore justice to a city where the good die young.
Keith, runner-up in Andrew Lloyd Webber's TV search for a Joseph, said: "Natalie wrote a very simple email and looks like the girl next door and that was what I wanted."
AMY Winehouse is "the girl next door, not a drug-crazed rocker" - insists her mother-in-law.
The girl next door - if you happen to live in hell - was humiliated when gran Blanche phoned a potential date to let him know of her forthcoming murder charge.
The Year Of The Dog: Tales From The Chinese Zodiac is a picturebook about a puppy born on New Years' Day, who explores his surroundings with the companionship of Lin, the little girl next door. A whimsical tale of confusion and adventure, as Lin and the puppy meet the other animals of the Chinese zodiac, some in their imagination, and some in real life--and the Tiger in particular is a very dangerous animal to meet!
WHEN it comes to a winning smile Sutton Coldfield girl next door Cat Deeley is tops with the nation's paparazzi.
Kylie is every parent's daughter, a child's big sister, a wife or girlfriend, the bright girl next door.
The Girl Next Door immediately conjures memories of Risky Business, the 1983 film which propelled a young Tom Cruise's star into the ascendant.
Hirsch starred in The Mudge Boy when he was 17, in between The Emperor's Club with Kevin Kline and The Girl Next Door, the recently released comedy in which he played a teenager who falls for the pore star next door.
Several other plot lines intersect: the high school romance between Tom and Kelly, the "girl next door," is passionately rekindled when Kelly returns to their hometown to care for her dying father.
Kirsten Dunst plays Mary Jane Watson, the perky girl next door who keeps Maguire's heart racing, and Willem Dafoe as the Green Goblin takes a nice turn as the campy, trash-talking sort of villain Marvel likes to throw at Spidey.
KENNEDY nephew Michael Skakel was jailed for 20 years to life yesterday for murdering the girl next door in 1975 when they were 15-year-old neighbours.