get to the point

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get to the point

To reach the most important or crucial part of something. OK, I have to leave soon, so please get to the point of your story.
See also: get, point

come to the point and get to the point

to get to the important part (of something). He has been talking a long time. I wish he would come to the point. We are talking about money, Bob! Come on, get to the point.
See also: and, come, get, point

get to the point (of something)

Fig. to arrive at a discussion or explanation of the purpose of something. Please get to the point of all this. Will you kindly get to the point?
See also: get, point

come/get (straight) to the ˈpoint

talk about the most important problem, matter, etc. immediately rather than have a general conversation first: Stop avoiding the issue and come to the point!Let me get straight to the point. I don’t think you’ll pass this exam unless you work harder.
See also: come, get, point