Get real!

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get real

To realize or accept the truth; to be realistic or practical. Often used as an imperative. I hope the government gets real about the homelessness problem and starts taking it seriously. We need to get real about this project and stop coming up with silly pipedreams. Oh, get real—there's no way you got the job over the CEO's son, no matter how qualified you are.
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Get real!

Inf. Start acting realistically! Hey, chum! You are way off base! Get real! Get real! Wake up to reality!
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get real!

used to convey that an idea or statement is foolish or overly idealistic. informal, chiefly North American
1995 Jayne Miller Voxpop You might think living in a garret and starving for your art is wonderful, but get real!
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Get real!

exclam. Start acting realistically! (see also Get a life!.) Hey, chum! You are way off base! Get real!
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