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(some score) from the East German judge

An imaginary and exaggeratedly low score for some event, action, statement, or attempt deemed to be a failure or inadequate in some way. It is a reference to judges from the former country of East Germany, who were often seen as giving unfairly low scores to competitors from other countries during international sporting events. I'd say that pitiful retort would only get you 2 out of 10 from the East German judges, my friend. Based on that eyeroll, I guess my dad joke didn't earn a very high score from the East German judge. Wow, his form on that jump was terrible! That would get him about 3 from the East German judge, wouldn't you say?
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German goiter

old-fashioned A large distended belly, as might result from heavy consumption of beer; a beer belly. Primarily heard in US. I'd like to run a marathon some day, but first I need to do something about this German goiter of mine. The sheriff sported a German goiter so big that his uniform could barely contain it.
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German virgin

In poker, a starting hand of two nines. So called due to "nine, nine" sounding like the German nein, nein, meaning "no, no." Having been dealt a German virgin right off the bat, I was hoping for a third nine to be laid on the table.
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German wheel

A prop, often featured in circus performances, that looks like a life-size hamster wheel. A performer is positioned in the middle and rotates it. Come to the show, it'll be fun—there will be acrobats, trapeze artists, and people in German wheels!
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Milwaukee goiter

old-fashioned slang A particularly large, distended belly, especially as a result of drinking excessive amounts of alcohol; a beer belly. The sheriff of the small town stood a mere five-foot-five, with a Milwaukee goiter so big that it looked as though he hadn't put a bottle down in five years. I always kept in pretty good shape, but after I had kids, I noticed myself starting to get a bit of a Milwaukee goiter.
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Milwaukee goiter

and German goiter (mɪlˈwɔki ˈgoɪdɚ and ˈdʒɚmən ˈgoɪdɚ)
n. a beer belly. (Refers to Milwaukee, Wisconsin, a major beer-brewing city, and to Germany.) By the time he was twenty-six, he was balding and had a Milwaukee goiter that would tip him over if he turned too fast. If you want to get rid of that German goiter, stop drinking beer!
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German goiter

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