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by George

An exclamation of surprise. By George, I think we've finally blown the case wide open!
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Let George do it.

Fig. Let someone else do it: it doesn't matter who. Billie always says, "Let George do it." She is unwilling to help with things that don't interest her.
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let George do it

let someone else do the work or take the responsibility.
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1. tv. & in. to copulate [with] a woman. (Usually objectionable.) He was in the back room georging some dame.
2. in. to defecate. (Usually objectionable.) Man, I gotta george!
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The name George is derived from the Greek 'georgos', which means farmer or earthworker.
The name George remains popular with British families.
George is inclined to call it a night, but Martha has invited guests for a nightcap.
And Irwin, whose clowning career has established him as a master of communicating through silence, makes George the consummate stealth bomber.
David Furr's Nick, the studly young biology professor, quickly establishes the smugness that makes Nick so threatening to George and such catnip to Martha.
I like to believe it's the latter, that George and Martha have not spent the past umpteen years enacting scenes like this as a kind of cracked foreplay.
2004 will have the qualities that correspond perfectly to what one looks for in a Primeur wine," says Georges Duboeuf.
In Sondheim and librettist James Lapine's set-up, George Seurat is a struggling artist whose dedication to his work overshadows his ability to connect with human beings .
In Act 2, Seurat's great grandson - also named George (and played by Tovar again) - is a multimedia artist, suffering from burnout and fatigue over self-promotion (illustrated in the song ``Putting It Together'').
George, a Sun Valley resident, began acting as a full-time Santa in 1949 in Nebraska and was first appointed Presidential Santa in 1956 by President Eisenhower.
who met George in 1995, said that although he ``sat with so many presidents .
A nephew, Larry George, recalled seeing his uncle in action once in the Bay Area.
Georges shouts, waves, touches or flashes a 1,000-watt smile at the slightest provocation.
In his daydreams, Georges is accompanied by his favorite singer, who sits on the hood of Harry's movie car in a purple-spangled mariachi suit and, at one remarkable juncture, appears in the form of a singing mouse.
Georges has the magic to let Harry step out of time.