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by George

An exclamation of surprise. By George, I think we've finally blown the case wide open!
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let George do it

A set expression used to defer responsibility for some task or action to some unspecified other person. A: "We need to run a new batch of reports to account for the changes we made." B: "But the first batch took me three hours to do! Let George do it."
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Let George do it.

Fig. Let someone else do it: it doesn't matter who. Billie always says, "Let George do it." She is unwilling to help with things that don't interest her.
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let George do it

let someone else do the work or take the responsibility.
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1. tv. & in. to copulate [with] a woman. (Usually objectionable.) He was in the back room georging some dame.
2. in. to defecate. (Usually objectionable.) Man, I gotta george!
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William Henry George Lake, of 24 Fiery Hill Road, Barnt Green, Birmingham, died on December 29 2006; left estate valued at pounds 946,619 gross, pounds 936,518 net.
Locally known as the Forest Estate, the property will be developed by an Anguillian family-owned company, Conch Bay Development Ltd., officially represented by Joyce Kentish and George Lake, said Chief Minister Osbourne Fleming.
The site faced substantial environmental damage and water contamination due to waste being placed directly into George Lake. The commission embarked on a restoration project that included cleaning the dump site and clearing sediments out of the lake.
for the Goose Lake gold deposit, part of the George Lake gold property in Canada's Nunavut Territory.
George Lake, a loadmaster with 435 Transport & Rescue Squadron, Winnipeg, Canada.
The Obsidians: Mel Zavodsky will lead a 7-mile hike on the Black Creek Trail, Brian Hoyland will lead a 12-mile hike to George Lake, and Michelle Tambellini & Barbara Schomaker will lead a 6-mile hike to Matthieu Lakes.