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by George

An exclamation of surprise. By George, I think we've finally blown the case wide open!
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let George do it

A set expression used to defer responsibility for some task or action to some unspecified other person. A: "We need to run a new batch of reports to account for the changes we made." B: "But the first batch took me three hours to do! Let George do it."
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Let George do it.

Fig. Let someone else do it: it doesn't matter who. Billie always says, "Let George do it." She is unwilling to help with things that don't interest her.
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let George do it

let someone else do the work or take the responsibility.
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1. tv. & in. to copulate [with] a woman. (Usually objectionable.) He was in the back room georging some dame.
2. in. to defecate. (Usually objectionable.) Man, I gotta george!
References in classic literature ?
Now, in ordinary circumstances, to fall twelve feet into the ocean with all his clothes on would have incommoded George little.
The pleasantest functions must come to an end sooner or later; and in due season George felt his heels grate on the sand.
And Harris, instead of merely observing, in his most unpleasant tones, that a fellow could hardly help treading on some bit of George's foot, if he had to move about at all within ten yards of where George was sitting, suggesting that George never ought to come into an ordinary sized boat with feet that length, and advising him to hang them over the side, as he would have done before supper, now said: "Oh, I'm so sorry, old chap; I hope I haven't hurt you.
And George said: "Not at all;" that it was his fault; and Harris said no, it was his.
Will is going to build a shed to store berry crates here," said George and they sat down upon the boards.
When George Willard got back into Main Street it was past ten o'clock and had begun to rain.
George, and--yes--it partly helps the circulation," he replies.
George, folding his arms upon his chest and seeming to become two sizes larger.
Never mind my lonely life here, if I can only see George happy and well again
It is impossible to be long angry with you, George," said the good- natured Captain; "and as for the money, old boy, you know if I wanted it you'd share your last shilling with me.
That I would, by Jove, Dobbin," George said, with the greatest generosity, though by the way he never had any money to spare.
I can only repeat, sir, I am sorry to have offended you," said George.
She's not one of my round dozen of nice girls -- aha, Master George, I see that in your face already
But he was infinitely tolerant of the young, and had no desire to snub George.
Harris a week or two after George had been taken away, when, as he hoped, the heat of the occasion had passed away, and tried every possible inducement to lead him to restore him to his former employment.