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For more information on Marketing Financial Services to Generation X, including an executive summary and a table of contents, or to schedule an interview with Keith Kirkpatrick, please visit www.
Ads targeting Generation X should showcase family entertainment, independence, and escapism.
Also, whenever you're dealing with Generation X, being accessible is the key, whether it's in marketing, customer support, or sales.
If it weren't for immigrants, Generation X would have seen a significant hole," says Reach Advisors' James Chung.
Q: Researchers say your generation is more optimistic than Generation X.
Q: The Census Bureau does say that your generation is working less than Generation X did when it was your age.
It is clear, according to Barr, that Generation X is evolving into a viable group of consumers, as diverse as any other group.
THE SETUP To understand how Generation X is spending whatever money it has, it's crucial to get a sense of the forces that shaped it, and not dismiss it with the S-word--slacker--it's so often tagged with.
It affects how we view money and spending," says Gen Xpert Lisa Chamberlain, author of Slackonomics: Generation X in the Age of Creative Destruction.
Generation X understands that it's never too early, either," said Casey Sylla, president of Allstate Financial, a business unit of The Allstate Corporation.
Simply put, Generation X has lower expectations for retirement than Baby Boomers," she said.
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