slang An exclamation of annoyance or frustration. The spelling "jeesh" is also used. I didn't expect you to get here right on time, but geesh, you're three hours late!


exclam. Good grief! (Shows shock and disgust.) Geesh! I love my work but hate my job!
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On the third day, you can see the look on many faces that seem to say, "Geesh, I can't wait until today is over."
Jen has a variety of names, reflecting her different relationships: She has a Chinese name, Ren Bilan, and an American name, Lillian Jen; names that reflect her marital status (Gish O'Connor, Lillian O'Connor); and names that reflect confusion about her name (Jen Gish, and the incorrectly pronounced "Geesh Jen").
Maybe it is because Boggs defected to the Yankees but, geesh, isn't it time to give that stuff up?
"It was heavy traffic, so we're going, 'Oh geesh. Wouldn't you just know it'," he added.
Geesh!), and high levels of unemployment, always-dangerous, look to be headed further skyward.
Last night when she called Patty Marsh to ask her to drive Tim to the field today, she didn't even deliberate in her mind before picking up the phone, just improvised on the spot, telling Patty that oh, geesh, Shelby had come home from preschool that afternoon complaining that her stomach hurt and wouldn't you know it, two hours later she'd thrown up and spiked a fever, and she seemed to be settling down now, but Julia had an appointment tomorrow with a client in West Hartford to look at her window treatments--What kind of window treatments?
Sadat Mohammed Yusuf Geesh is Head of Refugee Affairs of Somali Community & Refugee Rights-Based Activist, Sana'a, Yemen....
I have to admit that my initial reaction was 'geesh, can't African-Americans have anything of their own?' Thinking about a White valedictorian at a Black college gives us an opportunity to contemplate what can be learned from this situation....
"Geesh, that dude's a long ways from nowhere," Lucky offered suddenly.
Did his listeners complain: "Geesh, that sure was dumbed down"?
geesh! I always try to give a 150 percent to everything I do.
Sadad Mohamed Yussuf Geesh's erroneous article on Somali refugees and Somalia is sham from the beginning to end and sternly puts the reader on his guard against Mr.Geesh's dangerous, unwarranted and malicious motives and by all means calls for a response.
There used to be a community center which has closed down due to financial hurdles and since then we, the Somali refugees, have never had a committee unlike Geesh's groundless claims.
If vituperative Geesh observed our elders as fascists then our values and the true fact of our lives do not hang with his which must be devoid of demeanor
However, self-centered Geesh is either naE[macron]ve or fails to see things through the mirror of reality by simply hurling insults at his people instead of comprehending the challenges they encounter on daily basis.