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just gay enough

(potentially offensive) Of a man, possessing a number of stereotypically homosexual qualities seen as attractive by women, while still being unambiguously heterosexual. I still want a man to be manly, but just gay enough that he can have a conversation about his emotions.
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with gay abandon

With rash, unrestrained impulsiveness, enthusiasm, or zeal. Ever since my brother got that car for his birthday, he's been motoring around at night with gay abandon. The insurgents set upon the town and began firing their weapons with gay abandon.
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(as) gay as pink ink

Overtly or flamboyantly homosexual. Offensive when used pejoratively. I can't believe Sarah asked him out on a date—how can she not see that he's clearly as gay as pink ink?
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with gay aˈbandon

(old-fashioned) without thinking about the results or effects of a particular action: Although she was nervous at first, she was soon singing and dancing with gay abandon.
Gay here means ‘happy and without cares’.
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(as) gay as pink ink

mod. having to do with an obviously homosexual person, usually a male. These two guys—as gay as pink ink—came in together.
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gay as pink ink

See also: gay, ink, pink
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OK, so maybe a gay travel boycott didn't ground Pan Am's planes, but we've still come a long way baby
If a destinations progress on gay fights is any indication, gay-friendliness made significant strides around the world in 2006, setting the stage for bumper crops of gay and lesbian tourists in 2007.
Rotello's central theme, as explained by Robinson is that the AIDS pandemic was caused by what he calls "anal multipartnerism"--suggesting that the pandemic was the "predictable result of changes in the sexual behavior of gay men.
While Robinson's book is highly recommended reading for those interested in the development of the gay movement, my only criticism of it is his conclusion.
It's not like it was written by somebody with any sense of what goes on in gay life, be it rural or urban,'' says David Ehrenstein, author of the book ``Open Secret: Gay Hollywood, 1928-2000,'' of the E.
On the other hand, what's so wrong with a gay love story designed to attract nervous heterosexual viewers, such as ``Brokeback Mountain''?
Right now only Florida explicitly prohibits any gay person from adopting, but just six states and the District of Columbia explicitly allow adoptions by homosexuals.
Initially, I worried that the programmers would take any old proven television formula, add a gay, a couple rainbows, and be good to go--Gay Friends, The Gay Shandling Show, Really Judging Gay Amy, Gay Ellen.
The "salad bowl" is big enough for us all: An argument for the inclusion of lesbians and gays in any definition of multiculturalism.
Samuels thinks that many white gays, in not being able to marry, are feeling discrimination for the first time.
Even before they talked openly about Jim's sexual orientation, they participated in a parish workshop on homosexuality, and in 1992 they attended a conference on the subject along with other Catholic parents of gays and lesbians from the Rochester area.
The increased visibility of gays and lesbians and the creation of gay- and women-owned independent publishing houses and bookstores helped to fuel an explosion of work in the 1980s.
Even so, many states allow gays to adopt as individuals and many--including California, Connecticut, the District of Columbia, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, and Vermont--now allow joint adoptions by same-sex couples.
The experience of the Church, Kurtz writes, has clearly shown that, even those gays who join the most traditional of institutions are radical enough to deliberately subvert its sexual norms.
Business students as future professionals will be faced with working with gays and lesbians in their organizations.