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and gator
n. a long, heavy, black segment of the outside of a tire, usually a truck tire, found on the highway. We dodged off onto the shoulder to avoid running over an alligator. A gator bashed in the bottom of my gas tank.



Later, gator

and L8R G8R
phr. & comp. abb. See you later, alligator. C U L8R G8R.
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The Gators reached their fifth Final Four after losing at this point in each of the past three NCAA Tournaments.
Like most new items it sometimes takes a little while to get off the ground," said Terry White, manager of the south Eugene True Value store, which has carried the Grout Gator for the past several months.
ISGN's partnership with Medallion Analytics enables Gators customers to significantly reduce the time to create the HUD form while lowering overhead costs and improving quality.
We wanted a company that offered what Gator fans are looking for - a vast variety of quality merchandise available at convenient store locations around the state.
A year ago, Florida lost to Arkansas, Tennessee and Alabama in late February, and a postseason collapse was predicted by many before the Gators rolled off 11 straight wins, finishing the season with a 73-57 demolition of the UCLA in the national championship game.
In some parts of Florida it's an everyday thing to find a gator crossing the road in front of you, seeking refuge in your backyard swimming pool, or just basking in the sun on the banks of the nearest waterway.
Their attorney, John Ogles of Jacksonville, blamed the couple's troubles on a lot of debt and on the city of North Little Rock not giving Gators a long-term lease for its parking lot on the north bank of the Arkansas River.
Suddenly, however, the spin stopped and the gator rose toward the surface.
The Palm Beach County Seminole Booster Club defeated the local Gator Booster Club 58 pints to 55 pints in the 14th Annual Blood Bank competition sponsored by the South Florida Blood Banks.
Erwin Young purchased 100 yearling gators, hoping to raise a fleet of living, breathing trash compactors.
The gators are a genetic mutation of the American alligator," says Kathy Landry, Audubon zookeeper.
Miss Texas Pete, the spokesmodel for Texas Pete hot sauce, will appear at the Florida Gators vs.
This is one of the largest regions in the state, which means Morrell knows where the big gators live.
One conference mainstay faces an up-and-coming foe as the 18th ranked Florida Gators battle the No.