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Instead of admiring high-achieving students in this school, those who put forth effort to reach their highest potentials are viewed as sellouts and acting White; consequently, many high-achieving students find themselves camouflaging their aptitudes and yielding to those who are revered and in control (e.g., drug dealers and gang bangers).
Just about everybody in Back of the Yards' Holy Cross-Immaculate Heart of Mary Parish has friends or family in the Saints, the neighborhood gang, but only a small percentage of kids are hard-core gang bangers. Actual membership means little to rival gang members, however, who may prey on anyone when they venture into the parish looking for rivals to beat down--or worse.
Unfortunately, as Majors is always careful to point out, the ritualized hypermasculinity performed by many black men as a cool pose, particularly the preoccupation with enacting a tough persona, is rife with the negative potential to promote dangerous lifestyles (e.g., gang bangers, tough guys, drug dealers, street hustlers, and pimps) and to reinforce harmful stereotypes.
But many programs are struggling, and when money goes to compensate gang bangers or drug dealers, this leaves less in the pool for truly innocent victims.
Taylor's Dangerous Society (1990)--a fine book about Detroit dealers and gang bangers of which Adler is apparently unaware--don't even bother to pretend they're interested in legitimate work.
"To secure big Hollywood contracts and media stardom," he writes, "the young black filmmakers say the 'boys in the hood' are gang bangers, drive by shooters and dope dealers...To nail down contracts and TV talk show appearances, black feminist writers say black males are sexist exploiters."
Beltran wrote about living among gang bangers in mid-2013 in an online journal entitled "Diary of a Journalist in a Neighborhood Dominated by Gangs." In one entry in May 2013, Beltran wrote that he was enjoying crawfish soup during lunch with his family when rival gangs started shooting at each other on the street corner just outside his house.