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An expression of encouragement, support, or approval toward a woman, used as a standalone interjection before or after a sentence. It is a variation of the more common (but also potentially diminutive) "attagirl"; sometimes spelled "atta gal." A: "I was promoted to executive manager this morning." B: "Attagal! You're in the big leagues now!"

girl Friday

A female assistant who is capable of many different types of tasks. Based on the term "man Friday," the term can be considered sexist. I like to have my daughter be my girl Friday during "take your child to work" day. She's a better worker than some of my employees!
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that's my gal

An expression used to convey praise and pride for a female with whom one has a close relationship. That's my gal, another report card with straight A's! A: "Here, I brought you the things you asked for." B: "Hey, that's my gal! I knew you wouldn't let me down." A: "Sarah has been doing a lot of charity work lately. She's a real credit to this town." B: "That's my gal. She's always been one of the good ones."
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you gals

A friendly way of addressing a group of women collectively. I can't wait to see you gals on Saturday!
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girl Friday

Also, gal Friday. An efficient and faithful female assistant, as in I'll have my girl Friday get the papers together. The expression plays on man Friday, a name for a devoted male servant or assistant. The name Friday comes from Daniel Defoe's Robinson Crusoe, whose shipwrecked hero named the young native who became his faithful companion for the day of the week when he found him. In the mid-1900s Friday was applied to a male servant and then a women secretary or clerk who works for a man. The expression girl Friday gained currency through a motion picture starring Cary Grant and Rosalind Russell, His Girl Friday (1940). Today it tends to be considered condescending and, applied to a woman, sexist.
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