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An expression of encouragement, support, or approval toward a woman, used as a standalone interjection before or after a sentence. It is a variation of the more common (but also potentially diminutive) "attagirl;" sometimes spelled "atta gal." A: "I was promoted to executive manager this morning." B: "Attagal! You're in the big leagues now!"

you gals

A friendly way of addressing a group of women collectively. I can't wait to see you gals on Saturday!
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girl Friday

A female assistant who is capable of many different types of tasks. Based on the term "man Friday," the term can be considered sexist. I like to have my daughter be my girl Friday during "take your child to work" day. She's a better worker than some of my employees!
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girl Friday

Also, gal Friday. An efficient and faithful female assistant, as in I'll have my girl Friday get the papers together. The expression plays on man Friday, a name for a devoted male servant or assistant. The name Friday comes from Daniel Defoe's Robinson Crusoe, whose shipwrecked hero named the young native who became his faithful companion for the day of the week when he found him. In the mid-1900s Friday was applied to a male servant and then a women secretary or clerk who works for a man. The expression girl Friday gained currency through a motion picture starring Cary Grant and Rosalind Russell, His Girl Friday (1940). Today it tends to be considered condescending and, applied to a woman, sexist.
See also: Friday, girl
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Fourth, attorneys should promote the dual goals of preserving GALs and family mediation by objecting to any appointment of GALs until after mediation is completed without resolution.
Finally, GALs should learn more about mediation, its purpose, the role of the mediator, and the importance of confidentiality in mediation.
They also benefit from having GALs, who serve as their "eyes and ears" when parents cannot agree about custody of their children.
As judges, attorneys, GALs and parents more fully understand the issues involving the role of GALs and the purpose of mediation, they should work together to ensure and protect the contributions of each.
The appointment of a GAL should not occur until the full case management conference, some months later.
23) It is interesting to note that Judge Blue, who specially concurred in Scaringe to voice his hesitations about GALs, also wrote the Roski decision.
3) State lawmakers obviously concurred, having increased the budget for Florida's GAL program by $7.
6) The Guardian Ad Litem Program Working Group's final report reiterated the importance of the GAL as someone "[who] protects the child during the family crisis, court proceedings, and follows the child's progress after the court disposes of the case.
What the panel members, politicians, and newspaper writers aren't aware of is that typically a GAL is discharged from a case once the court enters its final order; (9) the GAL is not permitted to have any contact with the child after that point; (10) and a GAL is never authorized to supervise visitation with a child" or to assume any physical responsibility for a child.
GAL attorney caseloads are around 150--exceeding the "no more than 100" cases recommended by the ABA, Center on Children and the Law, and National Counsel for Children.
Although the funding he seeks will not bring GAL salaries to equity with other comparable certified attorney positions in state government, Abramowitz said, "It will help stem turnover rates the program is experiencing.
He notes that Florida TaxWatch conservatively estimates the cost of turnover to be 50 percent of the annual salary of lost positions, and that would calculate to at least a $2 million cost in lost productivity, training and development, recruitment costs, and institutional knowledge of those who left the GAL Program in FY 2013-14.
As GAL attorney Trautman said: "We work just as hard as other state attorneys, without the benefits.