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on the gad

dated Moving or roaming about, especially without distinct purpose or direction. This town becomes overrun with young men and women on the gad during the summer. The entire herd of cattle had escaped and were on the gad in the fields around the farm.
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gad around

To wander in search of fun or pleasure. You can't just gad around all day—you have to get some work done too.
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gad about

To wander in search of fun or pleasure. You can't just gad about all day—you have to get some work done too.
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gad around

 and gad about
to go from place to place, having fun. I'm too old to gad around like that. She wasted too much time gadding about with her friends.
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on (or upon) the gad

on the move.
The noun gad is archaic and is now used only in this expression. The verb gad meaning ‘go from one place to another in search of pleasure’, is more familiar today; both may have their origins in an obsolete word gadling , meaning ‘a wanderer or vagabond’.
See also: gad, on
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Gade engines were built in both high- and low-base versions.
The Gade engine was touted as being air-cooled without a fan.
Con enorme experiencia en la escena y dedicacion encomiable a la danza, Gades se encontraba en su mejor momento como artista cuando realizo la pieza.
Fallecido en Madrid a los 67 anos a causa de cancer, Gades le dedico su obra al coreografo cubano Alberto Mendez.
And if it is in fact Adrian Galia dancing with Stella Arauzo, then perhaps there is a new parallel line -- different from Gades dancing with his student-- for in this case the director Arazou chose her Don JosE[umlaut].
Gades described Carmen as "a free woman who had that concept of freedom that she would rather die than lose.
More captivating are the moments in rehearsals when Hoyos and Gades urge del Sol to move with more purpose and urgency, or when Antonio dances the farruca, the ferocity of his presence pulsating in every lunge and turn of this rich, masculine dance.
Gades was not a gypsy, and one can view El Amor Brujo as a commentary on the strengths and dangers of authenticity.
Con fervor admirable, Gades le otorgo a su Fuenteovejuna una dedicacion especial.
Era como si el desarrollo argumental de la obra de Lope se hubiese ido ajustando naturalmente al ideario social de Gades.
Over time, Gades became interested in expanding the flamenco form, staging Lorca's Blood Wedding as a stylized flamenco ballet set in a dance studio.
For stellar filmmaking and choreography, don't miss Carlos Saura's Blood Wedding, starring Antonio Gades and Cristina Hoyos, based on the play by Federico Garcia Lorca.