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Gloomy Gus

Someone who is particularly somber or pessimistic. "Gloomy Gus" was a character in the comic strip Happy Houligan. Of course he doesn’t think we'll get there in time—he's a real Gloomy Gus. Quit being a gloomy Gus and smile for the camera!
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euphemism An initialism for "geographically undesirable," meaning living in a location that makes a romantic relationship untenable. Used primarily in relation to online dating. We get along really well online, and we share a lot of the same interests. Unfortunately, though, she lives in the Bronx, which means she's GU—no way I'm commuting for over two hours whenever I want to see her!
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gloomy Gus

A perpetually unhappy person. Gloomy Gus was a character in Happy Houligan, one of the earliest (1900) newspaper comic strips. Unlike his jovial brother Happy, saturnine Gus never smiled because he never found any reason to. For much of the 20th century, pessimists and anyone else who happened to look sad was referred to as a “gloomy Gus.”
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