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Controlling the buffalo gnats as larvae is generally not an option.
He finally picked the Indian Gnat taxiing down the disused Pasrur airstrip near Sialkot.
He manoeuvred fast to get behind Gnat, which cut in sharply many a time to elude Yousuf and tried to get on his rear but the seasoned Pakistani pilot proved too much for him.
And who knows what other diseases lurking out there can be vectored by biting flies and gnats? I don't want to frighten you, just make you aware of the possibilities.
One brown gnat scuttles between letters on this page; a second
nursery to improve fungus gnats information in commercial seedlings production in Bom Despacho, Minas Gerais State, Brazil.
Gnats are the smallest of flies and include biting gnats (sometimes called no-see-ums), midges, sand gnats and sand flies.
"I am definitely of the opinion that the Active Denial System, which could make me forget about everything but the instinct to move now, even with the gnats in my ears, is an excellent device," said Lieutenant Sorensen.
The House of Freemasons tilts With the weight of gnats wings.
If you observe small black flies, fungus gnats, on the soil surface or close to a plant, it is a sure sign that the plant is suffering from too much water.
It is less than a month to opening day as Bradley Dodson, General Manager, walks through Historic Grayson Stadium with John Simmons, the owner of the Savannah Sand Gnats. They survey the renovation of the stadium, comment on all the work that has been done, and contemplate what the future holds for the Sand Gnats.
has an extremely powerful effect on gnats," said vice president of sales and marketing Robert Wallace.
The summery weather had black gnats added to the already diverse menu at Sharpley Springs, and as a result anglers enjoyed a great Bank Holiday weekend with plenty of doubles brought to the net.
(2004), o diptero Bradysia spp., conhecido como "fungus gnats", pode ocorrer em diversas partes do mundo se as condicoes forem favoraveis.
Negligible personal hygiene aside, this year's Celeb BB, as ever presented by Davina McCall, has been a bit of a non-entity (a bit like its housemates) with only Coolio making any discernible mark on the public's consciousness - if only by managing to be as irritating as a pair of pyjamas made entirely from live gnats.