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Although Mrs Richardson usually only makes the fruit cake at Christmas, word of the Prince's seal of approval has spread with a batch on sale at the stall run in Carmarthen by her son, Richard, and daughter-in-law, Paula.
FOR DESSERT, he downed a 2lb bag of dessicated coconut, a frozen fruit cake and 10 painkillers.
It is one of our top-selling fruit cakes. We were at the Bishop Auckland Food Festival last weekend and we completely sold out of them."
Aldi Holly Lane Top Iced Luxury Rich Fruit Cake - pounds 3.49
The new Rich Fruit Cake with Teacher's[R] Scotch Whisky maximises opportunities presented by the growth in occasional/celebration cakes and is the ideal gift for celebratory occasions.
PS2 Six Deep Filled Mince Pies.................................PS1 Iced Fruit Cake (681g)..........................................PS4 TOTAL SPEND PS30.50 COST COMPARISON SHOP PER HEAD TOTAL SPEND ICELAND PS3.81 TESCO PS4.68 ASDA PS4.89 SAINSBURY'S PS5.53 PS30.50 PS37.47 PS39.19 PS44.28
One memory I will always have was the lovely smell of homemade fruit cake which was always put out for us with a lovely cup of tea.
Ham'n egg teas never fail to please, And curd tarts are so yummy, Rich fruit cake please - with Wensleydale cheese!
Items include signed footballs, a large family Christmas fruit cake donated by David's Cakes of Crosby and remote-controlled toys.
As one was a test Michael and I have been having fruit cake all week.
The fruit cake, which took four days to make, weighs around two stone and is surrounded by marzipan and hand-painted soft coloured icing.
The luxury contents include Belgian chocolates, fine preserves such as hand made apple and ginger chutney, three bottles of wine, traditional fruit cake, Christmas pudding, biscuits and lots more.
The 500g-loaf style Rich Brandy Fruit Cake is made with French Cognac, but the individual flow wrapped portions are alcohol free.
I devised my fruit cake recipes while I was raising my children because I preferred them to eat a slice of that to a gooey chocolate cake.